Claiming 7 Days Ranking Rewards


03:20 06/19/2018


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Problem Encountered:

There's a problem with claiming the rewards for the 7 days ranking, as said in the title. For Goddess Siege, Boss Arena and Protect the Queen, I'm supposed to get the rewards for Rank 1-3. However, for some unknown reason, it only shows that I can claim the rewards for Rank 4-9 in the mentioned events and not the ones that are supposed to be. This is also the same in the normal ranking rewards.

How I Found Out:

I was casually going through the rewards when I claimed the one for Goddess Siege's (I claimed those before it, which I do not have any problems with) It was then that I realized that I might have claimed the wrong thing, as it showed "Claimed" for the top 4-9 reward bracket, but since I'm in the top 3, it shouldn't even have been there to begin with/ It shouldn't have enabled the claim option. I checked my inventory and yes, I did get the reward for 4-9. Although it was my fault for not checking early on, the fact remains that it shouldn't even be there.

I just feel utterly disappointed. Ian_Saffin and I spent so much time finishing the dungeons, I sacrificed half of my sleep, a lot of gold and diamonds, yet I wasn't able to get the items we were certain I was going to get.


-I play with my phone as of now, still waiting for my computer to be fixed. (I'm using Puffin Browser)

1. Goddess Siege Ranking

2. Goddess Siege 7 Days Ranking Rewards Tab

3. Boss Arena and 7 Days Ranking Rewards Tab

4. Protect The Queen Ranking and 7 Days Ranking Reward Tab


In any way that the rankings are calculated in a different time, (like an hour before reset) we should've had information about that.

I can only describe this situation in one word,


Thank you!




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Looking at the screenshots, it shows the tallied rank and the current ranking. The rewards were based on the tallied ranking, not the current rank