ROG S3 opening june 20th. 7AM US east


02:42 06/19/2018


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Dear warriors, we are pleased to announce that ROG S3 is opening June 20th. 7AM US east

We want to remind players that the servers opening are beta servers, this means that we are constantly reviewing, updating and re balancing the game based on players feedback, suggestions and opinions.

The servers are open, live servers and will not be reset or closed.

This allows players to be directly and fully involved in the evolution of ROG as a game as we head towards version updates such as fashion and guilds. It also means that the game is updated on average every week or so with smaller game improvements based on player feedback and opinions.

When S1 opened, it was version 550, it is now version 590, that gives a indication of how many changes have been made to the server in the last 5 weeks that it has been opened.

SO to experience a live game in development, come and join us at RoG, be a part of the experience of not only playing a game but helping build the game up based on your feedback as fellow players and gamers.

AMZ ROG Dev Team

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