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21:38 06/16/2018


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I had spoke to GM-S2.Pluto and they suggested I make a post here about the question I had asked them.

So at this time there are two map mechanics in-game, the first allows for auto-tracking movement simply by opening the world map then clicking an area within, once done your character automatically moves towards that desired map point. the second is the teleport function, So long as you have teleport stones in your inventory you can activate the ability by clicking the bottom icon for it on the world map.

My suggestion involves specifically instance maps i.e. dungeon and resource maps and the above mentioned first mechanic. Would it be at all possible to first have a bigger instance map view? What I mean by this is if you are in for example No.20 dungeon on which ever mode, and you hit the "m key" key to bring up the map, can this be made to show a bigger version of the instance map rather then the world map? 

Second if that is in fact possible, I'd like to further ask if it is also possible to allow the first above mentioned mechanic to be used within said "bigger instance map" so that in situations such as Goddess Siege where it's easier to go through and finish the quest expectation then travel back to the beginning and click "z" to auto-attack / auto-track unpicked up loot then leave you would only need to bring up the instance map then click the starting point to auto-move there then hit "z" to auto-pickup everything left upon the ground when you were running the mission. 

That same feature could also be used for controlled add pulls when running dungeons with a dps expectation counter.

I do not think that teleportation in instance dungeons are needed just to be clear on that.




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interesting idea...... I understand exactly what you are asking for and I will write it up for the devs to consideration