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In rog, the combat system is a 3 level system, something that people will be familiar with but ROG has more detailed information than the majority of games.

The most important thing to remember is that the higher the level of the equipment, the better the base stats..... and its going to be very easy to level up fast and find you suck badly, the reason is going to be that your equipment is not the best you can use. IE I could have a level 30 bow drop in a dungeon but the level 30 crafted bow is actually better so if you see a scroll drop in a dungeon, grab it with both hands

Now I have a bow and my char base damage is 1,339 with the bow and without the bow its 710, the bow gives me 416 weapon base damage. The bow has a 36% boost to equipment base damage, and with gems, 473 char base damage. Now players are going to think that is not right.

1339 minus 710 is 629. yet the numbers I give, are  char base damage 710, plus weapon base damage 473 and when they went to school.....the key is the gems, they add to char base damage, not to weapon base damage.

The character base damage drops by 629 because I remove the weapon and the weapon has gems in it = 710 char based damage, I add the weapon without gems and get 1126 char basic damage, weapon base damage is 416, add the germs and I get char base damage 1339, weapon base damage 416

Ok a level 41 knight crafted bow base damage is 220 for a white item, 242 for a green item 264 for a blue item 286 for a purple item and 308 for a gold item. ... my char basic damage is 1126, add in the gems and the character base damage is now 1231.

The same type of bow with the 36% equipment basic damage boost, is 416 weapon basic damage ( 308 weapon basic damage + 36% weapon basic damage boost = 416 weapon base damage ) and 1231 char basic damage, add in the gems and  and I get 1339 character basic damage.

yes there is a different between 418 and 416, it is because .00% totals are not shown and in some cases not calculated....rounded off numbers are often used.

this is why it pays to pay attention to the +XX and +00% when it comes to damage... as sometimes +100 basic damage is actually more than 100% basic damage.

Now I have two runes for the bow and I use multishot skill.

Multi shot skill gives me two 2 extra projectiles with no penalty. 242% basic damage to physical damage

lightning strike rune gives me 2676 lightning damage

lethal poison rune gives me 1875 poison damage

now adding in all that gives me 1339 + 142% physical damage ( I will come back to that in a moment )

Plus 2587 poison damage ( % of damage  talents and equipment added )

Plus 4265 lightning damage

Plus 996 fire damage

Plus 391 frost damage

Now the physical damage is actually calculated as 3854 physical damage for that skill because 1339 plus 142% is only account for the missing 614 physical damage..... the answer is the bow talent which increases physical damage by 19% or 614 physical damage which is calculated as part of the skill physical damage but not the char basic damage.

now why am I only calculating 142% of 1338 and not 242% ? the reason is math. using 100% of 1339 is 1339 converted to physical damage. if I calculate 242% of 1339 it comes out the same 3240... but in past games players have argued that it means all of basic damage + 242% because they are adding 242% to basic damage..... which is not correct.

If I say that players are only using 10% of their brains, I am not saying they are using 100% of their brains plus 10% of their PCs processor.

anyways, I am only going to be hitting monsters for about 6-6.5k damage and people will say that the calculations are wrong

2587 poison damage

4265 lightning damage

996 fire damage

391 frost damage

and 3854 physical damage does not equal 6.6.5k damage.... no it doesn't but you are ignoring the monsters resistances and defense......

If I crit, I am hitting a average 16k damage and crit damage is 200% guaranteed PLUS what ever extra crit damage boosts I have so on a level 40 skeleton is 200% crit damage plus 170% non crit damage for that hit.

Now on the players char status screen, if the player holds the mouse over the different stats it will tell them what the stats are based on the last attacked npc / player

Now the hardest thing in a game to do, is review damage calculations, anybody that has played games where they have a step by step combat log, will know that facing 10 npcs can generate a log that is over 100 moves long and analysing that hit by hit, can take quite a while even with all of the character stats and npc stats and information...... so unless players can prove a definitive bug like a player is hitting for 2 million damage with a level one bow, most combat bug reports are not going to the devs.

Even writing out the basic damage guide has taken 4 hours to do so I would rather have a lobotomy than trying to show players how their calculations may be flawed in their bug reports.

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