[Felspire] New version updates on Nov.28th


01:28 11/28/2016


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To improve your gaming experience, all servers will be down from [1:30] to [05:00] November 28 (EST) for routine maintenance. While our servers are down for maintenance, we'd like to take a few minutes and tell you what improvements we've made to the game. Our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused! And thanks for your love and support to our game.


------------What’s New

1. Mercenary

- Available at Lv [R]Lv 350.

- Can summon 1 mercenary to fight along with you.

- Mercenary contains Archer Mercenary, Warrior Mercenary, Mage Mercenary and Saint Mercenary. Mercenary also possesses stats including DEX, INT, STR and VIT like your character.

- Mercenary’s level cap is Lv 400. You can level up your mercenary by killing monsters or using EXP items. Every time your mercenary levels up, he/she will get allocable stat points.

- Mercenaries can equip equipment of their corresponding class. (Except wings and off-hand weapons.)

2. C.S. Battlefield

- Available at [R]Lv 450.

-Can apply during 7:00pm - 8:00pm on Sunday. Battle starts at 9:00pm and ends at 9:30pm.

- There are several levels of the battlefield. Kill required amount of players or monsters to get promoted to the next level. If you are killed a certain number of times, you will be demoted to the previous level.

- Different levels grant different rewards. You will be given corresponding rewards according to your current level when the event ends.

3. Miracle

- Unlocked together with C.S. Battlefield.

- Use Morale to randomly boost your stats (HP, ATK, DEF) or increase resources (EXP, B.Diamonds).

- Miracle Signet: Can be used to boost Miracle stats.

4. Event Hall

- An Event Hall icon will be added to the top buttons. In the Event Hall interface, you can see the starting time for all time-limited events and their status.

5. Follow Bosses

- You can follow the boss status in the Boss Map interface. When the countdown of refreshing the followed boss is 1 min, a popup will appear on the right side of the screen to remind you.

- Can’t follow boss when:

(1) Your level hasn’t met the requirement for entering the map of the boss.

(2) Your level is 100 levels higher than the boss level.

6. T12 Equipment

Obtainable: Transcending T11 equipment

7. Lv 10 Boss Challenge will be added.


------------What’s Changed

1. Increased the EXP granted by daily quests.

2. When you view other players’ info, they will receive a system message telling you who is viewing your info!

3. If you click Next Chapter when reaching the highest level in Elite Challenge, you will receive a prompt telling that you already cleared the dungeon.

4. New trails will be added to the loot of Land of Chaos, Soul Square and Prison of Greed.

5. World level will be adjusted from the average level of the top 30 players in the server to that of the top 15 players in the server.

6. For the top players in the C.S. Daily Rank (Drinking Contest), all players in their servers will get EXP bonuses.

7. Title CP will be shown above the titles. Title stats can be checked in the Tips interface.

8. EX Stone is now required for removing EX stats instead of diamonds.

9. Your points won’t be deducted if you lose the C.S. GvG.

10. No prompt message will be released when you use fruits or fruit packs.

11. Removed the countdown in the Daily First Recharge interface.

12. C.S. GvG and C.S. Battlefield will be added to the C.S. Event interface.

13. Fixed the issue that you will receive a prompt of not enough bag slots at your 1st and 2nd rebirth.

14. Fixed the issue that an error prompt will appear when clicking names of the items sold by other players in the chat box.




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