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Welcome to RoG. Now lets cut to the chase. The game is going to benefit paying players but not by giving them a clear run to the top in a couple of weeks.

The events are designed to benefit players based on game and team play, running the dungeons solo is possible but very difficult to do once players get close to dungeon 20 and there is 72 dungeons to do.

The advantages to VIP is that a vip player in a team is going to increase the drop rate in a dungeon.... but having 3 vip in a team is not going to stack the drop rate.

Now the team drop system is decided by the team leader, there is two options, you keep what you pick up or picked up items go to a random team member.....outside of that, players can have a mutual agreement on who picks up what.

Running a solo, free character it can take 3 days just to get close to dungeon 20....and thats as a experienced player. In a team, it can be done faster but the game is not all about clearing each dungeon once, players will find they will be running the dungeons multiple times in order to get drops and items to get stronger.

Now into the game. Here is some key tricks.

A player has 6 skills, the left mouse button is the movement button. The best skills to add to the left mouse button, are swiftstride and flash. They will give quick forward movement.

The best runes for those two skills are slow time which will increase the movement boost duration and cool down which decreases the cool down time.

Wings do give a movement boost, the first set of wings is free, the second is pay wings, the 2rd and 4th set are event wings meaning they come in chests but can not be brought in the shop. so using free runes and skills to give players a extra movement boost, is a good idea.

Most important for free players, increase your storage chest, for paying players, its not as much of a problem but for free players, using the diamonds that players can gain in game from dismantling gear and completing crazy and insane mode dungeons as well as achieving goals, will give you the 300 diamonds for each storage item to increase storage.

Ignore me if you want but trust me on one thing, you get PVPed, you will drop items you are carrying so if you can keep things safe in your storage chest then its easier to get stronger faster.

Part of the reason for having a increased storage is because you are going to want to swap skills and runes out at times, you need a safe place for them.

Immortal warsong and storm shield are both skills and pots, This means that players can choose to have the skills or the pots. Again, timed skills benefit from cd reduction and slow time runes, which is why its a good idea to hand on to them and use with immortal warsong and stormshield skills but the runes do not work with pots.....

The 10x per day crusades give good exp, but be careful, the game is not designed for fast leveling and the faster you level, the more you can hurt yourself.

Use the resources quests every day, collect the items and save them in storage.... did I mention just how important it is to increase your storage chest ? you do not want to be PVPed and lose a few days hard work because of lack of storage.

Now players will get transport stones and they are handy for a quick click and shift jumping around the map like a astral kangaroo, may seem like a great idea but transport stones do not drop like rain drops... and you will kick yourself if you waste your transport stones and find you need one to escape pvpers.

Now there is a simple trick you can use..... when moving between areas IE town to dungeon 6... do not click on the dungeon icon.. click just beside it and you will walk to it....and save your stones.

Character builds

All characters have the ability to change weapons and skills as they see fit.....the decision for players is how they want to play and focus on their builds. Now we are working on the level 70 rebirth system which means that players can rebirth at level 70, keep their equipment, skills, runes and also means that players have more freedom to experiment with their builds

Now forget the first thrall, the skeleton.... the bandit is more effective with very quick speed and movement, it uses dual daggers and uses combo strike which gives a small AOE effect when striking.

It starts with physical damage and gains any damage attributes from weapons and armour

The biggest advantage with this thrall is it can get in the face of most NPCs, often distracting the NPC which is an advantage to the player.....

Players that get to vip 3 will unlock the second thrall slot, so having the skeleton and the bandit is nice.....

with a thrall, they are quality graded so if you get a uncommon or rare thrall card, for crying out loud, combine white soul cards into them, do not do it the other way and a uncommon or rare thrall card into a white card......

Thrall level up as they fight..... level the dammed thing up using the NPCS on the map before you go into dungeons as a level one thrall will level up fast in dungeon 10 but a level 10 thrall will go in already dealing damage.....

Thrall do die, they need thrall revive pots to revive them in dungeons or they will revive in time..... the other option is to revive them at the thrall trainer for gold.

If you are used to games where you can just cash up to get the best advantage in the game, remember one thing... RoG does not work like other games, you can not go in, buy up a heap of weapons, armour, wings, mounts and costumes to get an big advantage....

you can buy a lot of items to upgrade your gear which will give you increased BR but it will cost you a lot to do that...... so play wisely, your biggest advantage is VIP as that will increase your drop rate in dungeons but also benefit other players in the team.

and that is your biggest benefit as a cashing player as the increased drop rate means a increased rate of finding equipment, runes and skills to improve your character.....

So buy storage chests... that will allow you do farm more and store more.......

now your biggest weakness as a VIP player will be the temptation to level faster, to get stronger faster.... but that is a dual edged sword as if you are level 30 and complete dungeon 1-12 all 3 difficulties, the reward chests that give you equipment are going to be useless because your level is going to be a lot higher than the level of the its basically wasted....

Your best bet is to focus on equipment upgrade items, save and store them so when the day comes that you have very good gear like a set item piece, you have the upgrade items already there to use to get it to gold quality.

PACE YOURSELF, RoG is a team player game, you can do the dungeons solo but its very hard, even for VIP players.....

make enemies at your own cost, PVPing everybody may be fun but not when you need team members to help you in a dungeon.....

Bow User

Weakening other players and NPCs ? only the bow user can use the poison arrow skill but all players can use the poison rune.... it is a good rune to have as there is no defense against it, only wants to negate its effects like immortal warsong, storm shield and HP boosts but NPCs do not have the benefit of choosing when they use them, players do.

But to start off, the archer has ice arrow, while using multi throw run appears to be a good idea, its actually not, it increases the archers number of arrows fired, it has a damage penalty which will hurt players as they want maximum damage output

Do not add ice damage to it, add other elemental damage so so frost resistant npcs still feel the pain....

The best skill is the multi shot  skill which has no penalty and zero cooldown, is a ranged attack

The bow users weakness is close combat as they will default to physical damage in close combat and this can tend to be weaker than their ranged skills..

Magic User

For the Magic user, multiple cast is the golden rune for you, as it has the double cast ability tho it has a 22% penalty, it means the second cast is weaker but its better than the multiple throw which has a 44% penalty for extra projectiles. Again, the poison rune is very good to use

Now the magic user with a 2 h staff, has an advantage in a close combat match as the 2h staff has double damage where as 1h weapons do not.

The magic users weakness is that they rely on elemental attacks, players that focus only on one element, can find that they are not an effective fighter against some opponents.

Sword user

Now the sword user is a very effective close combat fighter and they start with spirit toss skill which can be used as a semi ranged skill. Sword users can be used as tank builds as well as delivering some serious hurt.

The decision for a sword user is do they use sword and hammer, sword and dagger or sword and shield....Yes the shield gives added defensive bonuses but at the expense of damage output.

unhealed wound is a good skill for a sword user as it continues to inflict damage and again poison rune is very handy.

The important thing to remember is that as a tank build, the sword user is very handy and that is why players need to consider movement and speed, as the sword user is going to need to keep moving in some battles against elite bosses, while flash is good for quick movement, its basically a jump attack in a straight line while swiftstride is increased movement.

The main weakness of the sword user is that they do not have a weakness as such....with the most range of weapon combinations to use... but the flaw with the warrior is they are more likely to need to increase HP, resistances and movement and that does limit their build options