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OK, As we know, players use a different range of devices and one thing that does cause a lot of headaches is device resolution

RoG can run at 1360 x 1024. but parts of the thrall system can not be seen, not that it will affect players game play, if your thrall is dead, then its dead aka not visible when playing, when its alive, its visible.

For the record, the reason why the game is in the resolution it is, is based on feedback to a game marketing survey in which people provided their main screen resolution, the majority of replies was 1600 x 900 and higher. This reflects the change in gaming as the old standard was 800x 600 but with bigger screens, the ability to use tvs as monitors etc, gaming has evolved.

I run multiple monitors at 1360 x 1024 ranging from 21.7 inches to 24 inches but going up to 27 inch screens is not really a option for me but I have tested using a number of resolutions on different screens....

As players can see there is the sword, shield and side arrow, that is the thrall attack controls, it means that you can turn off the thrall attack mode when running with a team if players perfer.

So some players ( cough such as myself, cough ) are going to have to A) deal with the fact that when running multiple thrall, that one of their panels will not appear on screen which is not going to affect game play. or B) change screen resolution to 1440x 900 or for best minimal viewing, 1600 x 1200

If players are using FB app to play, PLEASE use FB Game room so they do not have that annoying right hand side bar that will cover part of their screen, because A) we can not do center the game to ignore that side bar without compressing the screen size and messing the game up and B) FB keep changing FB to prevent players hiding that side bar using ad blockers and stand alone programs.

BTW, I use a ISKU FX keyboard ( not shown ) Cyborg keyboard ( on the left and its mostly useless )  MS 2000 wireless keyboard ( on the right ) and a razer black window chroma keybroad on a AMD 3.6 gig 8 core processor with a amd radeon R2 /700 2 gig graphics card with 8 gig shared system memory.....

Throw the cyborg out, its useless, the MS 2000 did have issues when skill spamming, the ISKU and the Razer blackwidow handled skill spamming very well and we did nerf the spam rate because if players spam skills it can cause flash player to throw a hissy fit and lock up which is really fun while rushing a dungeon run in insane mode in a team and you have a frozen screen...

Now some players will wonder why we do not center the main char task bar.... the reason is that it is going to be expended as we update the game......but I will ask if we can center the main char task bar as that is fixed in place and not shifting to center with resolution

1360 x 1024

1600 x 1200

Now I do my testing and game play on a 14 mb connection from NZ..... the reason why I do not have a ultra fast fibre optic connection, is I know dammed well that the connection is only as good as the traffic on the route...... which means that lag is generally not a issue for me because my ISP shunts me onto a separate network which has lighter traffic load than the faster connections.....

Note for you all... the server does not dictate connection speed any more than your PC does.....same principal as driving a ferrari, it may be able to go 200+ KPH but try doing that in heavy traffic....

10 gig connection is not a speed, its a capacity, it means that the connection can handle up to 10 gig of data ( cough cough ) but your device may not not be able to handle that much data flow...... and its very possible that the connection between you and a server, may have heavy traffic which will affect the data flow.

USE A VPN TO REROUTE YOUR CONNECTION TO THE SERVER, this is something we suggest a lot to european players as there is issues with the european network overloading at times, its not the players fault... its simply what happens when data flow exceeds line capacity.

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