RoG Crusades and PVP


12:24 04/21/2018


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I have a video coming for this, I will add it to the thread once it is completed

Crusades are found by going to the princess in town and choosing crusades quests. The reason why I include this in with PVP, is the world map is a open PVP area, it means that anybody can attack you in PvP, there is no protection move, only peace mode which prevents you attacking other players.

Now in the center of town is your storage chest, I suggest players use it a lot as when you are PVPed and lose, you will drop items from your backpack, and its no fun doing 4-5 dungeon runs, having good items and then having the absolute snot beaten out of you and seeing your hard earned items laying on the ground for your killer/s to pick up

Now there is two ways to go to a crusade quest, you can walk / run or you can transport using stones.....

How you do it is up to you but I am going to suggest one thing.... keep a close eye on your mini map, it will give you some warning of players approaching if they are walking / running... but not if they transport in using stones.....In the video, you will only see my character and in the minimap, a small green icon.... other players will appear on the mini map, the same way......and that is your only warning.

I have been killed by other testers that worked out what I was doing and transported in on top of me and beat the snot out of me, because they were testing the higher level dungeons and had level 100, I blinked and died...

Now play wise, you say in world chat that you are going to dungeon X or world boss X etc.... you may as well put a flashing neon sign over your head that says please hit me because I am an idiot.... unless you are packing some serious skills and levels and can one hit kill a team of PVPers in which case, tempt fate....

PVP is not user friendly, its a match up to the death in most cases and even friends will kill friends in PVP. I am going to be honest and say do not ask us to change the game because of bullying, harassment and players being annoying... we are happy to review PvP if we see a serious problem like high level players constantly farming players in the low level areas..

There is honor amongst thieves and a lot of players do respect other players when it comes to PVP.... some do not and that is why you need to play wise and use the dammed storage chest a lot

PVP also has a built in system that will affect PVPers that win a lot, its called battle fatigue, it weakens their attack and defence, meaning that they do become victims of their own success.... and could find they get killed by weaker players easily.

So why do crusades ? they drop vouchers for the resources quests and unless you want to spend a lot of diamonds buying the vouchers or the items to upgrade or synth items, then I suggest you do the crusades, plus they give bulk exp and trust me, bulk exp can only be gained from crusades and clearing dungeon difficulty levels.

Power leveling by AFKING over night ? forget it, we removed that ability because players did it in another game and then demanded we rebalance the game to better suit their high level / weak stats.....we want players to benefit from game play and things like synthing do require a lot of items so rerunning dungeons and doing resource quests will give players the items, but rerunning dungeons is not going to give much exp