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09:08 04/20/2018


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I have mentioned that dealing with poison in the game, is going to be painful. so I created a video showing just how effective poison / toxin is.

I am using a amped character with 3-4 times the average player HP at the level of my character, its done on the dev server not on any open beta server.

Now at the start of the video, its easy to see that I am pretty much slamming the NPC opponents, and making it look easy, its insane mode, the hardest difficult of any dungeon and I am running it solo ?  do not worry, part way into the video you see why its called insane mode.

as I go through the gateway, you may notice that some of the monsters have purple titles, it means they are bad tempered NPCs with enhanced attributes but I still do not appear to struggle much at all, until I reach the area with the spiders and I clear them out with ease. So I run to the totem in the middle of the area and then run back

Why is that ? well watch my HP..... and you will notice that I am taking poison damage in the 1000s. 1000s ? I thought you said that your HP was 3-4 times the average player HP ?  It is and I am taking very serious damage so for the average player, they are going to die in a couple of hits.......

The secret to dealing with ANY poison spewing NPC is do not stand face to face with them, keep hitting and moving, this is where ranged skills will have an advantage and skills like bleed and unhealed wound.....

The thrall are a mirror image of elite bosses so it gives you an idea on how to beat them.

They are resistant to elemental attacks but not physical attacks.

It means that they are weakest against close combat fighters but like I say, its not wise to go face to face with them unless you are fast AKA using wings because they give you an increased movement speed. So say you have a sword fighter with high crit and crit damage come in behind them, the fighter will have a more effective chance of taking down mummies.....

elemental skills like unquenchable fire are also very effective as they are damage over time skills and that will mess with the HP restore.

Multiple cast, throw and shot skills work well against bunched mummies, close combat fighters and fighters with physical thrown weapon skills, damage over time skills etc......

now in some dungeons there is not going to be a lot of room, you have a narrow path way and you will be facing down about 20 NPCs some who shot toxin... the key is to drive a few down at a time, regardless if you are running solo or in a team.......and do not stand still, they are very dangerous opponents and can kill most players in a couple of hits so when you see the green, move out of the way.

Fortunately, its quite easy to dodge their attack and go in for the kill with close combat fighters.....

We removed the ability of energy shield to block poison / toxin to make the game more of a challenge.......just watch out for the NPCS that also have resistance reducing skills as well as poison/toxin......or skills that slow you down because they will more than likely be grouped in with things like fire birds and imps who have a ranged attack that can be very effective if your resistance are low.




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