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04:24 04/20/2018


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This is a insane dungeon run solo....  insane dungeon runs are the 3rd difficulty level for RoG and generally some can be run solo, others need teams.

So the reason why I am sharing the video is not to say haha see it can be done solo, because I am using a level 30s character and what players can not see is that its outfitted with level 10 gems which is something that nobody is going to see at that level..... the gems are for extra mana and HP....  and because I did the video on the dev server it means I can give myself level 10 gems....

A higher HP with regen can actually be more effective than armour and energy shield, for the simple reason that the higher the HP and the better the regen, the harder it is to damage you enough to kill you...... unless you run into a poison / toxin spewing zombie, trust me, they can kill you faster than any other monster in the game and the reason for that, is there is no resistance against poison / toxin and that means that people using bows with poison arrows, are not on santas nice list......

now to the video, it was done using auto play which means that I am able to click the sword on the bottom right of the screen and run the dungeon without manually interfering, tho I can if needed cos somethings the character is blonde and in a 3 chest dungeon drop they will only open 2 of them... and the dungeon does not automatically close, you have to exist manually.

Now I am using 6 skills in the video

Q is storm shield set to passive using a rune which means it may trigger if some noob with a bow hits me.

W is inferno fireball, basically fireball on steroids.

E is weakening curse which reduces armour and dodge ( it actually does more )

R is frost hammer, thats when you see me smack some NPCs with a big hammer, it also causes shards to fly out

mouse left is frost lance..... I am going to remove that because of a pain in the ass issue that you do not see in the video which is when I am trying to run forward, I will often click on a npc and instead of running, I fire off ice lance..... when you are running dungeon 8 in insane mode the last thing you want to do is stop and hit things... its one of the earliest dungeons but its a real bastard because you have respawning monsters and a low dungeon clear time.

Right mouse is my favourite skill chained lightening.... good for all those occasions when you want to shove a lightening bolt right where the sun does not shine......

Now I make the dungeon look easy.... in fact its not, I died 7 times trying to clear that dungeon because you need to do a lot of hitting or AOE damage.....

The dungeon is actually easier with two bows or characters using multiple shot skills like fireball, because if they add runes like multishot, multi throw, multi cast, then you are doing more damage, like with ice lance I am hitting 3 targets because of the multithrow rune, ice lance normally only has one lance..... so imagine a couple of characters side by side using single shot skills but with multishot runes, you can hit up to 10 targets.....

NPC, thy name is porcupine....

Now there is a dungeon timer which is 8.00 minutes to clear the dungeon......and a fast stage clear.... this means that you can run the dungeon and learn it, get the star/s for killing the boss and the consecutive kills, then come back later when you are stronger and go for the fastest stage clear.....

why ??? do you know how many times I have failed dungeons yet I needed the drops from them to get stronger ??  thats right, its so you can get the dungeon exp to level up and get stronger so you can come back and run it again

You do not need 3 stats to auto run a dungeon, you need to be 8 levels higher than the dungeon to auto run it.

What ?? no biltz ??? well we do want you to play the game, not just blitz your heart out and then say I am bored there is nothing to do 10 minutes after you have logged in.....

Now each dungeon is different, some have a no revives, some have damage output and some have consecutive kills.... consecutive kills appears easy, then you run into some annoying NPC with attack blocking and resistance... oh why do the gods hate me so much...... they will slow you down faster than a jog through waist deep wet cement

As you can see the elite boss drops 3 chests in insane mode, in story and crazy, he will drop one and two chests

So players are going to need to have a understanding before they enter into a team... such as are drops open for each player to grab, chest each ? etc......

NO we are not having a market or trading post in the game.....

Do not like the fact your team mate stole your item, take it to PVP and kick their butt, they may end up dropping the item and others that you may want.......

Now with dungeons, teams do need to be within the same level range, and the reason for that, is that if you hook up with a level 60 to do a level 20 range insane dungeon, the exp levels will drop and so will the drop rate, we want people to be challenged in rog, if you are using higher level players to remove the challenge, then you are simply a vaccum cleaner... IE you suck a lot......

and before you say my video quality sucks, I know it does, but its a compromise between a video you can watch and a video that is going to chew up the bandwidth of people on mobile devices..... I want people to like me.. STOP LAUGHING




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