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This video is so players can see RoG, the new game coming to AMZ and share the video if they want.

AMZGAME ROG  Main site

This is from the live english dev server that will be the OPEN BETA version of the game when we launch.

This is showing the new thrall system that players have read about.

RoG is a no class system game. This means that players start the game and during the first tutorial scene they have the offer of 3 weapons to choose from, sword, bow, staff. With the minor restriction of some skills will only work with some weapons, there is no rigid class restictions. This means that players can use all of the armour in the game regardless of type, IE robes can be worn by a warrior for the energy shield boost

Cross class skills such as using elemental skills on a character with a bow, is possible, its the nature of the game......

Weapons can be changed with a simple click, so you can change from sword to staff in the middle of a instance.

The elite bosses in instances will reroll their attributes each time you enter so every instance is different, it means that you can clear a instance and then got your butt handed to you, the next 3 times.

Auto running instances is possible.... but its not a fixed system so it is treated as the player is running the instance and needs to manually leave at the end of the instance, it also means that its not a 100% guaranteed win, there is always the chance of failing due to the rerolling.

The game has been rebalanced, its now harder to run instances solo but for players that perfer that style, rather than using a team, it is possible, I have been testing running dungeons with a vip 0 free character...its hard as hell but it can be done......

Yes we are doing cross server shared world to increase player numbers in the realm....and the best way to increase players on a server, is if the players themselves share the game as that puts bums in seats and in the game......the players word of mouth is the largest game advertising service there is.......

The first version update is planned within 3 months and will include the large guild system

When the game opens, players will have the choice of gender. They need to choose the gender they want or it will automatically make them male and we all know females make the better fighters lol.....

Do not despair, the female characters do have more clothes in the game.....  this whole 3/4s naked female fighter ?? we agree with players, its unrealistic......

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create game and pls pay attention in players and in the game s o players won;t quit 




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RoG is 98% built and refined by AMZ, GMs, vets and players.....

By AMZ commissioned and developed, it means that AMZ went to the developers with a vision for a game, a unique game, based on player feedback so right from the start, the players have been a big part of the creation of RoG.. and in closed beta, their feedback and ideas have been mostly added into open beta or we have changed parts of open beta to what the players want......

This is the way that gaming should be, the players are a big part of the gaming community, they play the games and therefore their voices need to be heard.......that is the direction that AMZGame is heading.......and thats why we are kicking off with RoG, AMZs flagship player feedback quided game

It goes beyond that, tho... even the vet and GM system has been changed for RoG, so that the vets and GMs are more hands on and involved in the game as visible people and yes players can beat the snot out of them in PVP.....

The only difference between a vet, GM and a player, is the GM tag and vets/GMs recieve a small weekly compensation for their work, no special treatment such as level 10 gems when they start the game lol

For the record, vets and GMs can not mute or ban players, they can only request it.... and pvping a vet or GM is not games for a ban.....

we are also having rules that are different for RoG, because its open world PVP and that means that some players are going to get annoyed and vocal...... so if you wanna call something an asshole, do it......   just a whole chat full of swearing, is not acceptable......

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