RoG english launch to be confirmed


03:49 04/11/2018


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Ready your weapons, we have received word that our realm is about to be invaded and we must prepare quickly.

Update 20th april, we are doing the last of the translations and bug fixes tonight, this means that we will test over the weekend and should have a new launch date soon, we are looking at the week of the 23rd to 27th of april

I will share what little news I have from our sources.

Invasion Date: NEW LAUNCH DATE TO BE CONFIRMED  OPEN BETA Server ( English ) in the RoG Open Beta realm.

( Exact S1 OB server launch date and time may change)

Be forewarned, the dark nature of the invaders may corrupt the minds of fellow guardians and they may seek to engage you in PVP combat in our open world realm so the invaders are not the only challenges we will face in our realm

For those guardians that are new to our realm, we do not know what weaponry and skills you have mastered so we will not restrict you with titles such as warrior, mage or ranger. You will start equal with all other guardians, male and female. You may also use any weapons, armour and skills without restriction; this is the way of the guardians

To our fellow guardians that have trained in the CLOSED BETA server area of our realm, we thank you for your help and support with your suggested changes to our defense and fighting technique training, we have revised many things and welcome your further suggestions and feedback.


Guardian sun tzu:  Knowing the enemy enables you to take the offensive, knowing yourself enables you to stand on the defensive

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Now that the original projected launch is only a few days away, can we get a definitive day & hour of release; please?




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ahhh we are delaying the opening because of a game balance issue which would have impacted players in the higher levels, good for PVP but very bad for PVE....

the imbalance makes it impossible to clear the final dungeons with a full team with the best equipment in the game.... basically the elite bosses one hit kill you so we are fixing that

we are doing final translation now as well.... and already the next version update of the game is in development....thats the first of 2 confirmed, the 3 will be one that optimizes the game and expands it based on player feedback




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when will open????