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lol busy, busy, busy, busy and ahhhh busy

We are currently in the midsts of bug checking, browser checking and ongoing changes with the english version of RoG

Its time consuming work as there is not only in game bugs and text to check but also external issues like a problem with firefox and keyboard skills not working correctly... unfortunately issues like that are hard to fix if they are caused player side, like the issue with abode ending support for direct 3d game engine last year, which caused major problems with CoA

Editing and changing of skills in the game has been done, the removal of some skills and the addition of others.... this is so players can play pure characters or hybrid characters like warrior mage, archer mage etc....

Changes to drops in dungeons has been done, higher level gems are in the game and we are currently reviewing the combat / PVP system as we do want PVP to be more than one hit kills at the higher levels but we have to be careful with regen HP rates so we do not see a repeat of 20 minute PVP battles that has happened in another game because players were regening HP quickly and it was not possible to have a winner......

PVP should be short fights based around the skill of the player in manual combat... say 2-3 minutes of multiple skill combat for a well earned victory..... yet the nature of PVP is such that some players will engage in PVP only with players weaker than them and we are taking that issue into consideration as we want players to enjoy the game, not be bullied until they quit.

Work has been going on on events for FB and forums but events in the game are not as game events require a lot more consideration as they do affect the game play.... as players are familiar, most games feature in game events that run during the day time when many players have jobs and schooling so options are limited for game play, meaning they miss out on a number of events..... and yes it can often lead to account sharing.... we also have to consider that while players may have more free time at night, players also have dinner, homework or other activities to do.....

Most events are working out based on player activities on the servers which is generally why most events run during the day as that is when most player activity happens... that is a combination of factors such as players playing in a different time zone, such as myself, while oceanic time is best for me game wise I actually find that us east servers tend to be more active.

so if there is any types of events that interest players, let us know.... as that will  help us decide on in game events....

RoG is a combat game, both PVE and PVP so finding the balance in combat, is very hard to do..... and with changes to the dungeons, to make them more interesting and challenging, we continue to look at a situation where team work is encouraged....but balanced so that it is better to run dungeons as a level balanced team rather than a level 60 with two level 20 team members.... and yes running dungeons more than once, is what players will find they will need to do in order to get items and resources.... so we have the random monster skills generation system which means each time players enter a dungeon, the monsters have different skills requiring different tactics and strategies.....

A clearer text system is also in place so its easier to see the different between normal skills and enhanced skills so players can decide quicker, what skills are best to use

with any changes to the game, we bear in mind one thing, We want RoG to have a long game lifespan because we know that players will invest a lot of time and effort into a game that they enjoy.... and we want RoG to be that sort of game....

Recently with the sudden and rather shocking closure of Felspire with only a weeks notice from the games developers, it has been a eye opener to see how many players have made contact with us looking for a way to continue their game play because they loved felspire.... and there is nothing worse than saying I am sorry, there is nothing we can do for the players.... so the felspire players have been made a offer to join RoG english when it opens and we do hope they will bring their passion and love of gaming to RoG and also their keen sense of game play and love of PVP......

RoG english will be cross server, meaning that if we were to open 5 servers then it would not be 5 separate servers but 5 cross server, servers and that would allow a lot more conversations, gameplay, new friends to make, players to conflict with and opportunities for teams, guild friendships and rivalries and more fun to be had by all

Chat will also be cross server but also seperate server... meaning that players will be able to strategize on their own servers about who to pvp on cross server..... but it also means that spies have eyes and not everything that is said, will be safe and private.....

a joke was recently passed amongst the AMZ team about sitting in world chat annoying players where they could not hit us..... then sneaking out to dungeons and hoping that we do not end up jumping into the middle of a PVP team.... even with transport stones and quick fingers, it may not be possible to run from a ranger with the new snare arrow skill or even the frost block skill, making running and hiding not always the easiest option to escape PVP now....

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While this was posted a fair bit ago now, and from another post i now see there is a rough estimate for the launch date to the next version, there are a few thoughts I'd like to put down.

Firstly I am pleased with the forethought of a balancing concept into dungeons being a priority. If nothing else this will help reduce multi-account raising for easier targets in some areas, as well as hopefully remove any concept of being "carried", and the type of entitled whiny players that type of assistance brings about. I still believe the simplest way around having such gap teams form is to base the difficulty; be it spawn totals, enemy strength, etc., off of the highest relative strength values of a player in the team. This also means using that metric in such a way that recognizes what they have, versus equipped, for those cheeky types that might attempt to skirt the system be de-equipping, or under equipping before entering a team area.

On the requested topic of event types, there are two notes I'd wish to make.

To begin I have and always will be a fan and a supporter of just about any quiz, or outside wisdom based daily mini-game. Though after one particular instance years back I always feel the need to state on the topic of a quiz specifically, to make sure it's set in a way you're not able to directly cheat off another players' answers while the event is underway... Basically, always including that one daily event that matters not the time you've put into the game, the cash you have or have not put into the game, and even disregarding the random luck variable within each game, and allows even the newest of players to have hope at ranking well against even the most die-hard of title veterans and/or addicts.

Also; and yes I'm aware there is likely going to be at least a few unfortunately done this way anyways from prior conversation, I'd like to re-state that pve and pvp should be kept separate as much as possible. Specifically for any timed entrance area or those areas whose rewards are unable to be reasonably gained elsewhere. To speak in specifics on this, while on elites in the current version pvp is possible, and should the launch be well populated will likely run into hording issues, what is gained can essentially be received in any dungeon, and therefore while not ideal; as there is the better rewarded daily sub-set quest that requires the individual to strike the killing blow, I don't see it being largely intolerable. 

On the other hand should for example a timed world boss employ this same foolish mechanic, and have specific drops hard or unable to come by elsewhere (gem purchases do not count as an "able" here); like in many browser titles has often been the case, you will likely see an early exodus of players. I am sure with your years of experience you're well aware as to the why of this and how it is done, and with good intentions of friendly rivalry aside, I'm hoping proof positive past experience will outweigh said intent before this seemingly unavoidable folly can see the light of day.

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cheers for the feedback, yes we are in the final stages of testing and QA and the game is very different to OB servers,

I mean its the same layout with dungeons and stuff, but the new thrall system is definately 1000% better than the old pet system, we have changed gem values and increased HP a lot so that players will have more of a challenge in PVP

of cause that has meant that dungeons have been re-balanced as well... testing as a non vip player, its hard for me to clear dungeon 15 solo in easy mode if I just try to rush it, I have to play strategically

we did have a quiz in CoA, I spent a few days on that creating a 300 question database for the game, the data was supposed to be swapped around every month so there was new questions but that did not happen sadly..... its something I am happy to do again for RoG if there is enough interest

PVP is going to be the biggest pain in the ass side of RoG.... simply because of the way players play, some do not like PVP, others want only PVP........and some only want pvp when they are the better player but to be protected against better players. A seperate PVP area is reasonable, its something I suggested but we also know that players will complain if they do not have PVP targets.....

we ultimately would love to see a PVP system where players are honourable and do not target players much weaker than them.... but the open world map means that if players want to PVP you, they will have to find you first and in a sense that is part of the game strategy and if players do not learn to be quick, store items in their chest in town or be careful what they say in world chat, they may find they are the authors of their own downfall......

creating a free area around dungeons, may not be as easy as we first hoped so we have increased the number of transport stones players get as they travel the first 10 dungeons area

we have changed the drop system around a lot and also the shop... with the world boss, there is multiple world bosses spawning in different areas and the drops are wide spread and random, its basically impossible for one player to get all the drops from a world boss kills....

we have done our best to ensure that non vip and vip will see the same drops in dungeons.... also we have changed the weapons and armour system around so its possible to get synth scroll drops in dungeons, something i have done on test characters that are non vip and while they were level 30 scrolls, I got them in the level 10 to 20 dungeon range... but easy dungeons have common drops the elite and insane modes have the rarer drops.... so players have a dual benefit, they do not have to complete each dungeon stage with 3 stars the first time, they can run it multiple times and the benefit of that is they increase their drop collections which is something they will need to do in order get the items needed for synthing, unless they want to spend and buy what they need..... in which case, I have a shopping list of what they can buy

I will be playing with my usual style which is recharging on my character to get vip on S1 on the main character I will play and test on.... and even with the free diamonds for achievements ( for free and paying players ) I am going to have to recharge and spend wisely cos I really messed up in the CB server S1...... so even tho I have tested the game extensively, the knowledge it gives me, is not really of much benefit when RoG OB opens.... because the dungeons reroll elite boss stats for each dungeon so I have to rethink every dungeon as I run it.... lol and running with a team is different to running solo

something that I find interesting is that the elite mode level 72 dungeon is insanely hard to clear without being killed in one hit and that was a tester with maxed gear, saying that so even vips are going to find that the game is not simple and easy, its going to challenge players.

We are looking at a long term game, so yeah in a sense the game will cater to old school gamers that appreciate the value of a game that is long term and constantly challenging, even for the top spenders......




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wth.... why not update Empire: Revenant?




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The reason is the original devs do not work on ER any more, so there is not the develop support or experience to update the game