No events, No recharge bonus - now NO UPDATE??


10:58 03/11/2018


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We have experienced prior event dry spells on S37 where we were ignored for a month with no events, but this latest brush off is unparalleled.  No incentive to spend money on recharges for the last week because the "Daily First Recharge" icon has disappeared.... and NOW the system goes down for daylight saving and presumably an update, shows the update screen upon reconnecting with the tantalizing prizes we have received every month in the past - but there is NO active "Claim Rewards" button so we can't get them?  It isn't just me (S37.Andrewski, S37.Tripp, S37.Tripp2 and S37.Angel_Rise are my accounts) - I asked around and nobody got rewards.  

A lot of us are wondering about the status of this game.  I have played for almost a year and invested in my characters with money and time.  I also have invested in helping new players and encouraging them to learn more about this very complex and detailed MMORPG.  I would certainly expect the courtesy of getting some insight into whether AMZGAME is planning to discontinue the game and therefore is spending no additional financial or intellectual capitol for ongoing maintenance or to retain loyal customers.  It is more than a lack common courtesy to ignore us - it is a reflection of a corporate culture that does not have any respect for existing customers and no interest in retaining us.

Please give us honest information.

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The update I had last night was that there is bugs with the events, thats the only information I have on that. Unfortunately for the players, its very hard for AMZ to get information regarding FS and a few times the information we have been given, has been wrong, in one case we were told no maintenance planned and a few hours later the servers went down for maintenance

As for financial or intellectual capital ?

When the players recharge, it goes to AMZ, part of that goes to the developers and its from that, that the developers pay their staff to do the new content, updates and patches... AMZ can not commission updates, content and patches for felspire as it is not an AMZ controlled game but hosted on behalf of another game host company, so when they update their servers, AMZ servers are also updated....

AMZ has no plans to close the game as long as there is player interest in it and the game continues to attract players, because that is what games do... a player may come to AMZ after seeing felspire and then they see the other games and so they may stay and look around, decide they like the games they see, and mention the games to other games.......

We do appreciate your effort with the game, not just as a investor but also supporting the game by attracting and helping new players.....and the reason is simply that AMZ can advertise the game but word of mouth by players, does make up a larger proportion of player sign ups......and existing supportive players like yourself, increase the player retention rate which benefits your servers.....

As for daylight savings, grrrrrr... it causes a lot of headaches as while the players may see the servers go down once, the truth is that there is a 6 week period two times a year where servers have to be changed because of daylight savings...... if everybody changed at the same time, I would have a lot less headaches....