EW OB S1 opening 28th feb 2018


03:13 02/28/2018


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We wish to share with players that we are opening a new OB S1 server. OB is open beta server with recharge options. Thank you for the players continued support of EW and requests for information about when EW will open again.

Please report any bugs, problems, issues or feedback, suggestions and queries as we wish to see EW become a full and enjoyable game.

EW support Team

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What about ER? When are you going to do something with this game?




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We have reported about the BLITZ not working. but nothing has been done.




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we are waiting on the games developers




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The game developers just develope the game and waiting for us to recharge without any update or event?

Aren't they suppose to do something? Please translate this to them and keep us update. If still no more progress I think this game is a dead game. 

Thanks Kitwritten in advance. please pass the message