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can you guys please improve your server? today its very hard to enter the game and i know its not my connection. >.<




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what game and server ?????

why players blame servers for lag, I have no idea, as 95% of lag does not happen on a server unless the server is having serious problems and the server techs would know before we did.....

All the server does is store, send and receive data, most of the game is rendered and played on a players device which is why we keep telling players NOT to use HTTPS connections which may be more secure but are slower than HTTP connections, but most players have no idea that browsers are set to use HTTPS connections.....

a major cause of lag, is the players connection as its influenced by net traffic on the route their connection takes to the server... we have no control over that at fact a player has more control over that by the use of a VPN which can reroute their connection to the server, along different routes..... players will use the argument that they access other servers without lag so therefore it must be our server.... they do not take into consideration that the other servers they are accessing, are on different routes, ergo no lag....

if you are refering to RoG closed beta servers, they are not main servers, they are test servers and we are using them to collect network logs so we know what changes to make to the server network for open beta launch, its why there is a network load indicator at the top right of the screen