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12:43 11/23/2016


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As you know our character appearance doesn't change as each tier rank goes up I believe it should allow us too. Why you ask it is so for some people( as I ) may not want to change to a avatar image. I ask for this because as I notice the character armor or outfit looks the same as a starter character n it kind of tire of looking at the same avatar people use. I hope to see the appearance armor changes as each tier go up.




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If not then at least allow the armor to change when it reaches the last tier level




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It is the avatars in your collection that is a form of outfit for your character, also your Excalibur sword can be equip to replace your current avatar weapon.

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In some games, the visible things like Weapon, Armour (chest, leggings and belt) and also the Helmet change with the equipment worn. For example the basic green armor that we have in League of Legends 2 gives you the same look as the mythic armor.

I would also like to suggest the same change for the Heroes as well, not only the main character.

I know that there are special avatars that can be bought for specific heroes, but I am talking about those people who do not pay money to play this game and would probably enjoy it a bit more if their character/hero would change depending on what type of equipment they have on