Power Monger player is killing the Game


22:02 11/13/2017


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - somebody rein in the cheater in RED faction.  This totally out of hand. One player playing multiple accounts keeping the entire map RED is unfair game play. 

Get someone somewhere to do something about it.

Merge the AMZ servers with 37 Game servers, give the rest of a chance to play the GD game already!




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We can not cross merge servers across game host platforms.

One player playing multiple accounts is not against the rules if they have created the accounts themselves. If the players have retired and given the accounts away to another player, it means that the original player no longer has a claim over the account, the rule is now the same with account sharing, as soon as a player shares their login information, they are deemed to no longer be the owner of the account

that decision has been made to cut down the days and weeks that I could spend dealing with * hacked * account claims or when a account has been compromised by account sharing.

so the answer is no, we can not really take any action without killing off most of the red faction..... which would not benefit the game as it would mean that the other 2 factions would have less opponents to compete against and that would result in complaints about dying servers and the need to attract more players...... its a vicious cycle in gaming.....




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Y que dices del hacker AGUSS14RED? Nada como siempre. La velocidad de los generales en el mapa sigue igual de lenta. En otros juegos si das soluciones pero aquí no. Pides " screenshots " por que no te creas una cuenta y lo verificas tu mismo?.