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Play the game and look at actions and account of level 179 (or is it now level 180) player in Red Faction.  Just a week ago, they were level 177.

Don't ask for screen shots.  Create an account and watch player.  Play the game that you are supposed to Moderate.

NOBODY in any other Siegelord Server - AMZGame or games goes up levels as fast as this player.  Something is WRONG with their account - or the way they play or SOMETHING!

Players keep complaining, keep requesting action and you do NOTHING. If you see the problem, maybe them DEV's will react - KEEP TRYING!

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I am going to address your concerns rather than just lock the thread

1) The game has never had a vet/GM system. The game is designed so that way any support or assistance is via tickets, forums or contacting staff outside of the game, thats the way the devs made the game. so yes I am doing my job using the same system that do

2) You are a player, you have time to sit on a server watching a player, I have tickets, forums, FB, skype and also vets and GMs to manage as well as all of the AMZgames, both mobile and browser games, or essentially 27 games and close to 300 servers to monitor, as well as games in development and prelaunch testing.

NO I do not have time to sit on a server watching a player level up.

3) Yes players keep requesting something is done, something gets done, IE their concerns are forwarded to the devs, the devs response, I give the players the response and promptly get ignored......

Now what happens if I forward a report every time a player complains ? the devs ignore the reports because they have checked.... and if they get pissed off enough, they will ignore every report that comes in, including bug reports..... then players will complain that bugs are not getting fixed and my answer is they are getting reported when the correct information including screenshots is provided.

now sitting on a server is not going to provide any more information or details than what the players are seeing themselves on the server.......all it will do is chew up extra time I do not have, and it does not mean that the report I send in would be any different to a player report about the same person....... 

as far as I am concerned, players want a player banned and they are going to keep reporting the player until he or she is banned..... well here is news for you, the players not getting banned unless the devs rule the player is cheating and ban them themselves because they are the only people that could prove a person is cheating on SL as AMZ do not have access to the dev logs for the game.

  • anonymous10241557 I, personally, am tire of you constantly making excuses for why YOU can't get you moderator job done. If you can't do, find someone else that will.

    11/13/2017 22:09

  • anonymous10241557 and in regard to getting players banned, it will never happen unless YOU step up and listen to the legitimate paying players that are voicing their concerns and complaints

    11/13/2017 22:10

  • anonymous10241557 step up and do the job to fix these servers, address the issues that players have approached you about, we don't complain over fair play - only about possible cheating

    11/13/2017 22:12




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what part of it has been reported 5 times to the devs, is so hard to understand ???

I am closing this thread as I am sick of players ignoring me and telling me to keep reporting the same player over and over to the devs.

Lets be clear...... the only thing players have, to report, is A) the player is leveling too fast and B) they have got items that would require excessive spending or cheating....

No screenshots of the player saying anything about cheating, no known working game cheats, no cheat engine cheats, just a single player that is either excessively spending and accusations of cheating.....

Now I have done all that I can.... the reports have gone to the devs that are the only people that can ban SL players, and the only people that can do a indepth character history check... and its been done 5 times. The player is not banned... which means A) they are playing within the game rules... or B) they are using a cheat that no other player has been able to find, work out or duplicate.. and the devs can not find....

Now the problem is that if there was a issue with game play, it would show in the logs, even cheating leaves a trail..... like if a player is leveling 10 levels a day in a game where its only possible to go up one level a day, the logs would show the unusual leveling......

which leaves us with c) or a bug with the character that the devs can not find, fix or duplicate, in which case the player is not cheating but there is a flaw in the game play that they are not abusing either, which is possible as it happened in Clash of avatars where players were gaining 10 million exp instead of 10,000.. we did not ban players there either but nor could we roll back individual characters like players requested.....

so again, the players been checked 5 times by the devs, they have not indicated a need to ban otherwise the player would have been banned already....  but it does not mean that I have failed to do my job as I have done as much as I can in regards to the issue.... with the exception of one, and that is to point out the rule about harassment of players and staff and also the posting of misinformation and misleading statements.

frankly this issue has gone on long enough, the players can not provide any solid evidence that indicates the player is cheating.... but insisting that I keep reporting the player repeatedly.... the answer is no because there is no point.....

on the matter of the unresolved bug reports, 1) they get reported but I am getting sick of asking players for the detailed information such as screenshots, server and character and information because I put in reports, the devs send them straight back with a request for more information..... and 2) I can only relay the responses AMZ get from the devs, often there is not going to be a response as the devs can not find the issue or resolve the situation so it gets stuck in limbo.

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