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09:04 11/05/2017


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Has the weather alter been cancelled?  Sacred and holy weather stones are to be dropped from bosses, but this has not been the case.  Actually, no drops have happened.  Also, the description on the stones is backwards.  The stone showing for each alter is not the one needed for that alter (see screenshot).

S35 - OubreE9




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when did this start




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Since conception of the weather system.




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You ask for a screenshot...I gave you that.  You ask for an explanation of the issue...I gave you that too.  So now I'm just being ignored?  




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No, you are not getting ignored.... its just not easy to get information about FS.

Now as far as I know from checking with other players and the GMs, the drops are happening, but yes at a very low rate... unfortunately thats a ongoing headache that I have heard before with other item drops and getting it increased ? ahhh yeah




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