Please make an APK or add this on Play Store ( Idol game )


04:21 11/10/2016


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Any moderator or gm or coder in this game ? i would like to request can you please make a apk in this game or can we play on andriod or os ? please




Community Manager

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Some players has reported that they can play CoA when using the Puffin browser on Android phones. Puffin browser is free to download. Good luck with your game ^^




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Trust me, you dont want this game to be in Android nor IOS. . the graphics the resources(even in low settings) will burn our your phone RAM. . and this game might require good phone specs which others wont enjoy it. .probably this will work in IOS but you know coding IOS games is not easy than Android games. . and AMZ will pay big for that. 




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    1. Well, you must be aware of the fact that the usage of my boy GBA emulator on your android device will allow the people to access various Nintendo games without any hassles that whenever requited.




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Find that kind of apk on official site of this game as I do while searching for this WhatsApp Plus I visited it's official site which is this where i can easily download this app and if there is no apk file is available to download from official site then install ppsspp like emulator on your device and play this game easily.