09:11 10/20/2017


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There is a big problem in our game!





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what is the problem.....???
  • morris have friends of the game see the prestige that can not be q harm us again.

    10/24/2017 07:24

  • morris have friends of the game see the prestige that can not be q harm us again.

    10/24/2017 07:25

  • Anonymous26700216 in order to give solution to the daily prestige that is given to each player. this hurts us to keep improving

    10/24/2017 07:26




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haber amigos del juego vean el prestigio que no puede ser q nos perjudique nuevamente. 




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Daily Merits have not reset overnight for the last 3 nights in a row. and this is the 4th time in the last week.

Ever since the latest game maintenance this has been a problem.




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What happened with the server? The speed of generals in the map is slower, The merit wont reset everyday and beacuse we of that lost some events for example Wine offer. 




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Agreed, I've notice map speed is slower now, too!




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I need screenshots of the merit system, there is no staff that play SL and the people that need to check the issue, need a visual reference




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A day late and a screenshot short.  Merit was reset last night.




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