honest question: why is it better to play here than gtarcade?


13:40 10/27/2016


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Hi, I'm very new to browser games.  I found about Empire Revenant on another site and have been enjoying it a lot these past two weeks.  Honestly I just want to play ER all day long, but awwww the cooldowns, I must wait and do something else with my time (and I'm already VIP6 so I shouldn't spend more money for a while).

So I see LoA 2 will be the next game on the site.  But it is already playable at gtarcade?  So what is the advantage/excitement of playing it here?  Honestly, I know nothing, so I don't know people's reasons.  My thought is to play here because I like Empire Revenant so much, but I also kind of don't want to wait, lol.




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Glad to hear that you enjoy the game ER .

AMZ is a good platform and you can enjoy games here .We are responsible to every player .Anytime you meet any problem in games ,you can contact with us on forum ,facebook or skype ,we will try our best to solve the problem .

A new server of LOA2 will launch on our platform soon ,it is a new start to everyone .If you enjoy it ,you can join with us .




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Well they got customer support too and also a Client which run the game smoothly, they have a good personal no idea how will the personal be here, but I guess it is up to you, with the platform you are familiar and feel comfortable I guess a GM might give you more reasons, but for now there is no advantage
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Hi I am kit and I am head of all game staff.

Why do I work here at AMZ and play here, rather than other gaming hosts ?

I am at AMZ because I like the vision there. The community vision where the player game staff and customer support are active on the servers, forums, in tickets and on skype, in direct contact with players and fairly accessible.

I am part of a team that is very focused on the player game staff being a cross section of our player community with real life, real issues, real problems and real happiness, experiences and knowledge. Some of my player staff team deal with health, learning, language and mental challenges just like players do.... and thats very important to me.

We have players that deal with the same types of challenges and its nice to feel like they are valued as part of our community and they also understand that it does not limit their chances of becoming player game staff.

so what makes AMZ a place I want to stay, play and work  ? well I have over 35 years gaming experience on many different platforms.... and I have looked long and hard for a gaming host where the players are not just names on a screen, they are part of a community, their feedback, ideas, opinions and thoughts matter regardless of how much or how little in in their wallet.... and I found that at AMZ Games....

nearly two years ago I started here with 8 LoA servers and 1 vet..... now if I look around, I see a impressive gaming community that was built up as part of a team effort by the players, devs, customer support, vets, gms and mentors....

in 20 years time, gaming will have evolved to the next level..... and I may meet somebody on a future gaming platform that will say I remember you from AMZ Games, I was just a non casher and you took me on as part of your player game staff and now I am a online game dev or admin... thanks for believing in me and showing me that I was more than just a gamer on a server... or your team taught me a lot about gaming and now I am one of the top players on a game without breaking the bank.......

that for me, is what a gaming community is about.......its more than just servers, games and cashers, its about people, fun and the chance to make a persons gaming experience so much better and enjoyable.

AMZ and I share the same vision for our players...... and thats what makes AMZ the place for me to stay, play and work....... but its a personal choice and decision based on years of gaming experience and the desire to be part of a gaming community

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Wow, great reply, Kitwritten.  I must say I'm very impressed with the community so far.  Much better than subscription MMOs I've played, but at the same time I don't know if it's unique to amzgame or browser games in general, since I'm new to the whole genre.

I found this place pretty much by accident as searching for Match 3 games took me to sevengames.com where Elvenar was top ranked in turn-based strategy.  I tried it and liked it and wanted to find other similar games and it so happened Elvenar and Empire Revenant were both in f2p.com's top 10 (http://www.f2p.com/best-mmorpg/top-10-free-browser-based-games-2016/).  I actually tried all the games on the list, but I like Empire Revenant the most.  

In retrospect, I suppose I have seen ads for some of these games before, but they mostly dissuaded me.  I don't like the way women are portrayed in most these games and the ads seem to really focus on that part.  It's frustrating since my wife, my mother, my sisters, and likely someday my daughters are all gamers and I like to play games I can share with them.  It's one thing I've really appreciated about the art in Magic the Gathering, seems to never stoop as low as much others in comics/games industry.

Anyway, not to make a long tangent.  I'm really liking browser games and I've been super impressed with the people on my ER server, so if that's any indication of amzgame, I'm impressed.