i forget my lock password


01:50 09/09/2017


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sir/mam how can i unlock my safety lock in the bag because i forget my password




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  • Anonymous27270000 why there is no responce

    09/09/2017 09:14




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You need to file a ticket and we will want some proof of account ownership such as a recharge receipt




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u still dont know my lock password and i already send a ticket




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Reply to the ticket for me please so I know what ticket it is. and I will reset the password.




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I also have forgotten my Lock Password, sir/ ma'am. How do I do a ticket and what are my options of proof of my account ownership??




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Anything that is connected with the character, that I can cross check such as a recharge receipt number that starts with AMZ or FB 2017 or 2018. screenshots of those receipts from paypal or FB...

some players do not recharge in games so for them, its harder to proof account ownership. but if the player can provide a screenshot showing that they are logged into their character and showing the time and date, I can make that against the server logs which track players by location and IP




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