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10:36 09/08/2017


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Some quick thoughts.

Loving the completely customizable city map.

The game slows down considerably after playing a few campaigns in a row with Auto fight.

Would love an option where the game just simulates the outcome and rewards for campaigns you've completed once already. Clicking 5/10/15 towards autofight gets tedious.

Campaign 2.3 gives much higher XP rewards than the preceding or following campaigns. Its 5-6 mid lover ambrosia versus 2-3 for the other ones.

General Ra is shown in Pantheon with DMG 40% + 4,000. 4k Really?

In Domination small cities are defended by the same strength AI force as large cities. Doesn't really makes sense and makes it quite hard for newer/ casual players to gain points at all. Especially because the AI is super tough.

Cellar only gives low level Ambrosias equal in number to the Cellars level every 3 hours. That's nothing.

10 players max per guild is not a lot and makes it hard to organize guild campaigns.




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The slow down, we have noticed and reported

Auto complete campaigns.... its not something we are considering as it would start to turn the game into a click and point game. Yes it gets tedious but if you want the rewards......

Yes, but each campaign is different.

4000 is a typo

We are going to review the AI.

Yes its nothing but you can use them for green generals

The guild is done that way so you do not have all the players piling into one guild.