Generals / marshalls and deputies.


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There is generals, marshalls and deputies in the game but some players are a bit confused over what generals work with what marshall. So this is a basic guide to help players.

There is 12 god generals. They are the top generals in the game and harder to get. Do not assume that its all of the supreme generals as its not.  The strongest generals in the game is not ranked by gold, legendary, fierce and seasoned. They are ranked by their skill and what deputies are used with what general.

Lets look at a general that players have talked about

Aphrodite, supreme general with their venus's embrace which gives energy+ 40, DMG received is reduced by 60% + 500. Appears to be very powerful and hard to beat.

When looking at a general in the pantheon it is going to show a generals TOP abilities and stats, but in your general list, it will show the current ability of the general.

SO aphrodite actually starts with +30 energy. Damage reduced by 30% and 250

This is why legendary and fierce generals with deputies can out hit her very quickly.

Later in the game when aphrodite has full abilities and 2 deputies, then they do become very hard to beat but by that stage, players will have their own powerful generals.

Now if we look at deputies for aphrodite, we can go different ways, we have a lot of options.

Aphrodite as a damage soaking general. we can add pholos with DMG recieved is reduced by X% ahura mazda with DMG+ 400 and when taking damage there is a 30%+1% command difference ( read that as troop total ) change of neutralizing 30% damage

Aphrodite as a death dealer, adding hermes with skill dmg +40% and Nut with Basic DMG Plus 650

Now some players will question why I will not add a general like Ahura Mazda ? the answer is there is 22 surpreme generals, 12 of them are god generals. What you do not know, is what ones they are...... but I have just revealed the name of two of them.

Changing deputies is something you want to do at times, as you gain different generals but also different types of fights may require a change in generals.... say you are in a area where there is a lot of troops in the gate way and you want to break through them while doing damage. Aphrodite again, with Areas ( move through units, with dmg is increased by 40%+2X power difference + 300 and poseidon with dmgs is increased by 30%+ 2 x power diffence and cavalry change causes damage to all units on and around.......

Ok, you are going to say, hey Genius, thats 3 supreme generals..... its nice to day dream but seriously, get real

Well the answer to that, is why are you not paying attention to your own generals and saying, what about using a priest like Geb with skill DMG +40% or Tefnut with skill DMG +650... all legendary generals and using the priests fire skill attack.... my answer is now you are thinking outside of the supreme general is needed, and what generals can I use, that I have.......

Remember that EW is not all about PVP, its about your own personal journey through the campaigns......