EW Tarot event


07:49 08/29/2017


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This is a diamond only event, drachma can not be used. The event is designed to be a fun event as the items can be gained in the game.

There are five 5 colors, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold. The quality of items relates to the card color. Players will have to match two cards with the same item

There is a increasing cost, as more more cards are turned over on the same screen. players can refresh the game.

1-4 cards turned will cost 1 tarot card

4-8 cards turned will cost 2 tarot cards

9-12 cards turned will cost 4 tarot cards.

13-16 cards turned will cost 9 tarot cards.

16-20 cards turned will cost 16 tarot cards.

Players can gain overall rank and rewards to enjoy.




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Is this event not yet implemented on the beta server?




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It has been removed so we can make some changes to it, it will be back for open beta