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Campaigns can be accessed by clicking on the campaign icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Campaigns are set in groups of 5 main campaigns and 5 secondary campaigns. Players will gain 100 Orders each day with a regeneration rate of 5 orders per hour.

The goal is to get one star in each campaign to unlock the next campaign. Every 5th campaign will unlock the next campaign section : 2-1 completed will open 2-2 etc.

The last campaign in each group of 5, is harder and a test of players usage of generals. It also does not allow for auto play in those campaigns.

Setting the array can be done 2 ways, players can use auto deploy which will deploy generals according to general status, not general level so play attention when using auto deploy, so you do not end up deploying 5 level 1 purple generals when you have level 20 generals of a lesser status. Players can also manually choose the generals they perfer to use, this has to be done every time in campaign.

Restrain will tell you what general combat types are more effective against other types.

Once you have decided on your generals, You are ready to fight. The 18422 / 26400 in the yellow bar is the amount of troops the combined generals can take into battle out of my total troop reserve. Battling will cost troops so you refill your troops from the barracks by going into your main city screen and clicking on the barracks with a helm icon.

Troop numbers for generals can be increased in the general icon on the main screen then click on advance and use stones to increase a generals troop cap. Deputies and marshals can have troop numbers increased separately.

In the battle field screen. At the top is your troop numbers against your opponents troop numbers

Players have the option to auto fight and control fight speed at the bottom, also they can surrender. It is important to note that you do not have to use all general movements and skills during a battle round. You can click on end to end your turn while having general movements still available, it will not end the fight.

Swordsman beat Spearman, Spearman beat Cavalry, Cavalry beat Swordsman, Archer and Priest beat each other. It is important to remember that skills can be affected by weather and wind

On sunny days, the Priest cannot use lightning, on rainy days, Priest and Spearman cannot use fire. Wind direction will affect the fire effect. Forces who standing downwind will be hurt by fire,  so watch out for fire damage spreading to friendly forces.

The victory or defeat screen will show you the battle result, what round you completed the fight, total kills and your own losses.

You will gain exp for each fight, that is used to increase your player level, you can also gain ambrosia for leveling generals, design plans for leveling buildings and various stones.

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Threads: 235

Posts: 2062