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Disclaimer: The general summon system is not fixed in stone. It means that there is a % chance of getting a general. The rates are shown in the general summon panel. Please do not file bug reports stating that you spent x amount of diamonds and did not receive supreme generals.

The Summon area can be found to the left of the campaign icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Primary summon: Uses drachma only. The cost will increase with each general you summon, in primary summon. The price will reset each day.

Superior summon: Uses vouchers which can be gained in game. It does not use drachma or diamonds.

Elite summon: Only uses diamonds, 300 for a single draw or 3000 diamonds for 10 x draw.

To check the drop rate of generals, click on the green rate lettering  or on patheon in the summon area, to see what generals can drop and at what rate. It is randomized so it rerolls each time you summon a general.

In order to work with the generals, you need to click on the general icon in the bottom icon row on the main screen

For the record, this is a free account, the diamonds were gained in the game, this is to show players that it is possible to get supreme generals as a free player.

The generals with a second picture in them are generals that have been awakened at general level 20.

Each general will have a different type of skill set. There is 4 types of general: Green / Seasoned  Blue / Fierce  Purple / Legendary  Gold / Supreme

There is 5 combat types: Priest and archer ( AoE / ranged ) Swords ( close combat ) Cavalry and Spearman ( close combat / distance attack )

The general skills are different for each general. Some skills are deputy / marshall skills, meaning that they activate when the general is in the role of marshal or deputy. It is important to read the skills carefully so you make sure that you are using the correct deputy general with the correct marshall general

Players have the option to assign any general as a deputy to a marshal. Generals can also be removed as deputies and changed to other generals. If a general is assigned in Garrison, they need to be removed first before marshal / deputies changes can be done, then they need to be reassigned in the garrison.

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Ok, so the chance of getting a golden general is 3% per draw. Any comment on how the chance of getting a particular gold general is calculated? Because it’s certainly not random. After playing the beta server for four days, we’ve seen an abundance of Epimetheus, Prometheus, Aphrodite, Artemis and Vohu. We’ve also seen some Apollo’s, Athena’s, Ares and Seti’s.

But nobody yet has a Zeus, Kronos, Hades etc.

Do the more powerful golds get unlocked after several days of playing? Or after a certain number of lesser golds have come into play? Do they simply have a much, much lower chance of being drawn?




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Some supreme generals are harder to get because they are the best of the best.

Zues is one of them there is 12 in total and when they have the right generals added as deputies, they are the most powerful generals in the game