ELysian war buildings / city plan


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For the record, this setup is using a 9 day old free player account. Excuse the screenshot, it was done that way to fit into the forum while showing as much detail as possible. Right click and click on view image to see a clearer image

The base: primary building. This building controls the level cap for other buildings. It generates drachma which is the in game currency for all players. It is also player level restricted and requires design plans to be leveled up.

Barracks: Primary building, this is your source of troop generation. My current output is 58k troops per hour, my generals can field 20k troops at the same time. Why the difference in numbers ? It is because as I lose troops, I am replacing them from the barracks. Generation rate is showing under troops:XXX as + XXXK/hour

Dwelling: Primary building, this is your troop housing. I can house 26k troops at a single time. It is important that the dwelling max troop level is higher than the max general fielded troop level otherwise you will not be able to have fuill troop numbers for the generals. Max troop housing is shown under troops : XXX

Garrison: Primary building: This building sets the level max domain territories. Domain is a large PVP / land ownership map that you can access by clicking on depart, to return to the city, you click on enter city.

Domain is an area for increasing your drachma and guild resources by controlling land and also resource spots. Drachma output is shown under drachma: Territory output. Domain territory owned is shown under dominion xx/xx, total territory is the amount of territories you hold

Mines, Gardens, Mills and Amphitheatre: Secondary buildings, their role is to generate drachma and trust me, you are going to want a lot of drachma. Drachma output is boosted by the resource territories you hold in domain

Market: exclusive building, this building is for the market and the higher the level, the more items you unlock in the market

You can change, move, and upgrade your buildings by clicking on them

Construction team, you will start with 2 teams, unlock a 3rd with sequence logins and can unlock more with VIP levels. Be careful as construction is limited by design plans so it can be a good idea to work out how fast you are getting designs and decide if having 3 teams is fine..... as you get higher in level then a 4th does become more viable.

Summon : This is where you get your generals from. There is 3 ways to gain generals from summon.

Primary Summon: uses drachma, the cost will increase with each general you summon so pay attention. The price reset timer is something you need to pay attention to.

Superior Summon: uses vouchers, not drachma or diamonds.

Elite Summon: only uses diamonds 300 for one summon, 3000 for ten.

It is important for players to note that the summon system is random, using elite summon, is not going to give you all 12 supreme generals for 3600 diamonds. The gods do like to have their hand in your fate when it comes to summoning, so please do not report this as a bug as its part of the game. It means that you can spend 6000 diamonds and may only get 3 supreme generals.

Duplicate general cards are used to increase a generals abilities so they do not go to waste.

Bottom row.

Friends: Yes thats for adding friends.

Market: for gems, ambrosia, awakening stones. Can be reset with drachma and diamonds. It gets expensive when using drachma hence why I said, you will need a lot of drachma

Pantheon: Lists all the generals in the game, what ones you have and what ones you dream about getting.

Map: shows the world of domain, trust me there is plenty of room for everybody but there is limited resources so good luck.

Inventory: Yes you click on that and you can see what you have in your back pack

Guild: Cos we all know, being in a top guild is better when it comes to gaming.

Build: shows what buildings you can build and what level requirement for the base.

General: this is where you will cultivate ( level ), advance ( increase their troops and atk ), awaken ( required player level 20 ) ability ( You will use spare general cards or soul gems here ) and deputy ( can only assign a deputy to a level 20 and higher awakened generals )

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The elysian war buildings and city plan seems to be coming in well order of the system as how it got planned, seeing this Home builder shelby township becoming apparent day by day… has left me feeling hopeful enough..