[LOA2 Forum Event] Light Up the Halloween Spirit with Fan Creations!


04:29 10/25/2016


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Are you looking forward to the spookiest day of the year? A wave a Halloween-themed events is coming your way both in game and in real life. Before that, we would like to call all LoA2 players to light up the Halloween spirit by creating some Halloween-themed fanart, video, story, meme, ps photos, and so on. We will give away gift packages that are worth up to 5,000 Diamonds!


Event Duration:

Oct. 25th to Oct. 30th


How to participate:

1) Post a reply with your Halloween-themed fanart, video, story, meme, or ps photos. Please note that if you make a video, just include a brief introduction about it and leave the link in the comments section. If you upload a picture, please note that the image size should be within 200K, or it may not display.

2) All form of works should be related to LoA2 and Halloween.

3) Include your IGN & Server.




We value everyone’s creation, so every qualified participant will be rewarded. Five excellent participants will receive the excellence reward package!

Excellence Reward: Lv.4 EXP Scroll x10, Stamina x 240, Ritual Token x10

Participation Reward: Lv.3 EXP Scroll x 10, Stamina x 120, Ritual Token x1




Spam/illegal content it will lead to EVENT DISQUALIFICATION. We reserve the right to final interpretation of this event & rewards. 



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Thanks for new event but how can i add my server and name? It doesn't open.


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hi.. thanks for this event my server is S0 Dawns Light nick SeTTaN
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This is the History of Rita, she was a little girl who used to go the graveyard, to visit her big brother's tomb every halloween night, she did it for years... 

She had to walk across an enchanted forest before getting there, that forest was full of creatures, good and evil ones, the good creatures realized that the little girl always walk throught the forest every night of October 31th so every year the good creatures tried to distract the evil creatures so they don't know about her,


One day a good and coward creature was going to be eaten by the monsters, and he said: "DON'T DO IT PLEASE, I WILL GIVE YOU A DELICIOUS LITTLE GIRL BUT DON'T KILL ME PLEASE" ( For these monster the humans are the most delicious mealt thye can ever eat, because they weren't allowed t ogo out of the enchanted forest ).

All good creatures were shocked about this notice because they tried to protect the girl every single Halloween, they knew the cute and little girl were going to be eaten the next Halloween night....

... Now it's Halloween night, all the good creatures were in the entrance of the forest, they were going to warn the girl to take another way... Then the girl appears, like every night.. same custome... same height... it was a little strange she never change trough the years.

When she finally enter in the forest all the good creatures warn her about the monster, BUT, she just made a cute smile and kept walking... the good creatures were very sad they thought the little girl didn't understand them and seh and them were going to be killed that night...

The little girl always seems to be fearless.. full of hope... when the monsters finally saw her they all surrounded her, there were around 500 monster, they all hungry watiting to taste tht delicious human, the little girl pulled out a candy from her pocked, offering it to the leader of the evil monster and saying " This candy will fill up your stomach, purify your soul, and will give the insane power of Love " The hungry monster hold the candy in his hand... throwing it to the air... and openning is mouth, when the candy was about to enter in his mouth, Him and ALL the others monster jumped on the girl to EAT HER!!, all the good creatures scream to see this horrible situation... but suddenly the most shiny light came out from the girl, erasing all the evil creatures around her! and all good creatures were feeling love,hope,happiness they were confused about this feeling, when she ended to shine they discovered the little girlwas an ANGEL!! she was aware about the good actions of the good creatures, by distracting the monster every year to protect her, and she gave to them a huge power and a pure soul, and she named them CELESTIAL HEROES... this is all the known story, some rumors say the good creatures called now Celestia Heroes, started a fight to purify the world agaisnt the Tempest monster, but we haven't see those fight... they might begin soon...


Server: [0] Dawns Light

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IGN: MagicAlona

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IGN Aquamarine

server s0

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IGN Gavreel

server S0

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Will the rewards be given out via forum email also like the other event?
Otherwise, it's kinda pointless to receive the rewards in close beta. Just saying :)




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Djinni wishes you all a happy halloween! :'D

IGN will be decided when European server opens.

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