Guild Events!!!! :) and other not tuned things


02:35 08/06/2017


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im just thinking why the ( GODDESS Defense , Winner TAkes All , Guild Treasury ) is not opened yet after a whole year why that Events is not fix or being opened and the Excalibur Socket is not tuned too Did you ever think if you do thosed things the coa players will so some thing new !! i hope you will pay attention about it and i know now AMZ have a new staff so The CoA will not be down or permanently refused ..




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Events will be coming but its going to be a few weeks away.

As for the other main events, like Goddess defense, winner takes all, guild treasury. The developers did not start work on them, so as to if they will be added, remains to be seen. The last information I had was that the plans for them were being drawn up.

  • Jay_BRgaming Good Job from it now we just wait for that few week as u said..Tnx for it

    08/15/2017 03:14



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Looks like maiden kitwritten is done with cleaning all the junk haha

He deserves a coffee /handsoveracup