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02:08 07/03/2017


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I would like to know the views of AMZ on the use of multiple characters.

I use Bek Bek on S79 as an example,he has multiple characters and is using them in things like kings bounty to enhance his main character. He does this by making sure his main character gets to kill the thieves he finds,thus taking away the opportunity for the other players to benefit. Also it seems kinda odd he always know where they are going to be. Also in charm he sends himself and his characters the charm therefore ruining the other players chances of gaining a good reward for their hard work. I would call this cheating. This kind of attitude ruins the enjoyment of the game for other players and causes them to stop playing. I would like to know why this kind of thing is allowed to happen.




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The view is that we will not take action on Alt accounts as it is too much of a grey area and to be honest, its a lot of work for very little benefit. It does not mean that we will not take action, only that generally we do not unless there is good reason

Yes it does not seem fair to players but they are not the ones that have to do all the work behind the scenes to prove alt accounts are being used unfairly, it takes a lot of time and work.....

Yes I get that its not fair if they use alts to fund themselves but is it really different from a person being funded by guild mates




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Thank you very much for your answer Kit,understand completely what you said,great to hear back from you.