Server S18 to S65!!! merge


08:21 07/02/2017


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Ohh. Hello there i have some question About why there are server not merge in the list you said the S18 to S65 will be merge but I didnt saw the S65 merge by..... what happen the S65 server having 3 online from now i thought there are feel harm and quited in the game.... pls merge that server as you post S18 to S65 i know its weekend but i report this problem for about 3 week but dont have any response pls think if you didnt pay attention in a problem the people will think this game is bored , this game is sicked, i know some people didnt think how that hard to work it by.. but as we see some game fastly response and work it for 1 to 2 days GOD(Guardian Of Divinity) is not good in graphics but they good in events and they updating the game by holiday's like easter they have event for easter egg finding egg in the game in christmass they have sale's and they keeping updating it.. i hope CoA will Go for that i dont want to see my Friends Quitting 1 by 1 .. and i just want to suggest if can you delete some account that not active for 300+ days it just a trash in arena..pls released new excalibur new placed in the map lvl 80+ to 90 and 5 star Boss in boss portal 125,130,135,140 boss in boss portal... and level max to 200 tnx for that i cant wait for 1 more year for that suggestion S58,Chronos-
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S65 was not merged because of a issue with the server.

I have answered a number of players about the issue with S65.

GoD was considered but not a option to host.

The answer is no to deleting old accounts. You would not like to stop playing a game for 6 months that you have worked hard on and leveled up, only to find that its been deleted.

We often have old players return to a game because they enjoyed the game and they are interested in how its changed.

  • Chronos pls..Merge s65 if possible

    07/16/2017 18:10