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Anima’s Path : It unlocks at level 55 and you get 20 daily free attempts.

There are 6 fights in a Chapter.

Rewards will be given when reaching 4,8,12,18 stars.

The item for Anima’s Path is called “ Anima “.

This features is used to “ Animate “ your main, and your heroes.

In order to do this, you need Animate items and Anima coins, which can be obtained by doing Anima’s path and events.

You can also buy Animated items with Anima coins, but when Animating your heroes or main, both are required, so I’d suggest to spend the coins carefully.

As seen in the last picture, where you have the “+” with green means you can add the item there, and when doing that, it will require both the Animated item, and Anima coins.

When adding an Animated Item to your hero, it will show you this : 

This means that you will need 15 Swipes, and 50 Anima Tokens. 

As seen in the picture above, you can buy the items with Animated Tokens, but careful, because you need coins as well as items in order to Animate your hero further and boost its stats.

In the last pic, the first arrow indicates the attempts ( You get daily 20 attempts. )

As mentioned in the pic also, Failure and first clear consumes NO Attempt.

If you pass Jagged Highland, you still have 20 attempts, but if you blitz it, then your attempts are gone.

If you fail to pass Saints Lake, don't worry, you'll still have 20 attempts, but use the attempts, because they do not carry over the next day.

The second arrow indicates your progress bar on that Chapter.

Each chest contains Anima Tokens ( Coins ) and Anima Items.

Palace Dungeon is a “ AFK “ Feature that unlocks at level 25. It requires energy and you battle random mobs, earning you Gold and Slayer Seal ( Slayer Seals are used to purchase stuff from the Shop ), such as Runes, Relics, and other items. You also have 30 Raid attempts that replenish every X minutes. This is a “ CS “ Feature, it teams you up with people from other servers, earning you extra gold and Slayer Seals, but you cannot talk with them.

Each Floor has a “ Boss “ that you need to pass in order to move to a higher floor, with better rewards, and better possible drops.

Raiding will earn you Relic Shards which you can synthesize and hope for a good relic and/or items.

The more you advance, the better relic shards you will get from raiding other players, but the players will also be harder to beat.

An image below of how Raid is, and works. 

The first arrow indicates the Relic Shards.

You get them from Palace Dungeon, and raiding players. At a certain amount of shards gathered, you can synthesize them for a chance at a relic or resources ( Relic essence, etc ).

The second arrow indicate your Raid attempts.

You can raid as many times as you wish, ofc until you reach max attempt purchase for that day.

Raiding Cards are given from various events.

In ranking it counts only when you succesfully raided a player. 

From 5 attacks, if none were succesfull and you didn't steal the relic shards, you will get 0 points.

The third arrow indicates the time until your next raid attempt will be added ( In my case, 23:20 minutes until I get +1 attempt ).

Relic System unlocks at level 20.

You can gain Relics through Palace dungeon and the Palace Dungeon Shop.

This is where you enhance your Relic in level, boosting it's ATK as you level it.

When you level your relics both to level 20/30, you will get a bonus for both being over 20/30.

Example : 

Let's move on to the next Tab, the Socket Rune.

Socketing Runes require rods which you can get through events and your guild Shop.

You can get a maximum of 20 per day from your Guild Shop.

The higher quality your relic is, the more slots it has and you can unlock, but the more rods it will require.


Having 3 runes of the same type ( Example, 3 level 1 HP runes ) you can combine them into 1 level 2.

As mentioned above, runes can be easily gotten through Palace Dungeon, being AFK for hours in it, or buying them Directly from the shop using Slayer Seals.

Rune Combining, here we combine all runes into higher ones, and the higher ones into even higher, until we've combined all we could.

We can use bulk Combine to make it faster and easier, so we won't click a lot of times.

Note : You can only have 1 of each rune on your Relic. 

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