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23:11 10/08/2016


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Consumables are essential items and the foundation on your way of being a great emperor. We have Elixirs which can improve your Heroes’ attributes, like Refine Elixirs and Advance Elixirs. And there are also Chests and Jars from which you can possibly obtain epic Gears and other wonderful items.

From all the consumables in the world of Empire: Revenant, we’ve picked out some frequently-used ones for all of you to decide which one is the most popular.
A. Refine Elixir
B. Advance Elixir
C. EXP Elixir
D. Quill
E. Lamp
F. Epic Chest
G. Clay Jar

Tell us the one(s) you like best. You can choose 3 options at most.

We will randomly select several lucky participants who will be gifted 1 Big Prize each, when the total number of participants reaches certain amounts.
30 Participants: 1 Big Prize
50 Participants: 3 Big Prizes
80 Participants: 5 Big Prizes

Participant Rewards: Epic Chest x10, Epic Key x10, Levy Order x38, Quill x100
Big Prize: Super Rare Hero -- Gareth

1.Correct server and character name are required, including capital letters and spaces.
2.Lucky players who won the BIG PRIZE will also receive Participant Rewards.
3.All rewards will be sent to players’ in-game mailbox in 5 days after event ends.
4.Event Deadline: October 12, 2016

Example Answer
Server: S0
Name: Test
Expected Item: Advance Elixir & Clay Jar (or B & G)
Reason: xxx

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Server : S10

Name : BigBangImpactZ

Expected Item : Clay Jars, Lamps and Epic Chest

Reason :Clay Jars because it can give bronze jars, lamps 

and epic chests. 

Lamps because you can summon heroes with them. 

Epic Chest because you need them for the event 

Blessed Chest.

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Server : S1

Name : Leah Dattilo

Expected Item Clay Jars, Lamps and Epic Chest

Reason : clay jars as it gives you lamps keys and chest ;

 lamps to gain new hero in duty call and ;

 epic chest to finish chest quest 

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Marc Sawyer

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Server: S10

Name: Marc Sawyer

Expected Items: Lamp, Clay Jars, Epic Chest

Clay Jars gives alot of useful items which improves your hero

Lamps is the best way to get a hero for sure from Duty Call

Epic Chests is a great way to get skills and items for your heroes from the Blessed Chest event




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Server: S10

Name: BenjGabeNika

Expected items: Epic Chest, Lamp and clay Jars.

Epic chest provides super rare skills, lamps are a needed to collect heroes and clay jars for gems and silver.




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Server: S7

Name: TrueShadow

EI: E and F.

Need alot of lamps for the current level of char development.

Epic chest gives various of items, though good item dropped hell scarce.




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Leia Damon

All items. the items make the game. a



Jay Domingo

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Server : S8

Name : iGnite

Expected Item : Clay Jars , Lamps and Epic Chest

Reason :Clay Jars because it can give bronze jars, lamps 

and epic chests .. 

Lamps because you can summon heroes ..

Epic Chest because you need them for the event 

Blessed Chest .. =)

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Server: S4 Thermopylae

Name: Dravenfox

Expected Item: Lamp, Elixirs, Quill - lamps because the red heroes rules, aggregated elixirs here important for hero development and quills, the stats for all gives a large advantage against those without.




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Server: S5


Name: Johnny Hickman

Expected Item: Lamp, Epic Chest, Clay Jar.


Reason: I like those three best 'cause they are very helpful not only at the beginning but also in the long term. Epic chests can give you random things including some super rare skills and you can also use them to complete the event Bless chests which can give you many precious equipments and skills. Lamps is the best way to obtain heroes and you can use them to summon heroes whom you can’t summon in the tavern with bad luck. Clay jars are more interesting ‘cause they can give you many random valuable items including Epic chests and Lamps.

On the other hand, those items Refine Elixir, Advance Elixir, EXP Elixir, Quill just helpful at the beginning after that you use them very few or even don’t need them.

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Server : S9

Name : Doctor Dizkho

Expected Item : Clay Jars, Lamps and advance elixir

Reason :Clay Jars because they can provide lamps, gem chests, and epic chests. 

Lamps because you can summon heroes with them. 

Advance Elixir to improve you heroes significantly

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Server : S4

Name : MaulofMauls

Expected Item : Clay Jars, Lamps and Epic Chest

Reason: Clay Jars because it can give you options to get bronze jars, lamps, epic keys, apple

and epic chests. 

Lamps: because you you need it for call of duty to summon super rare heroes. 

Epic Chest: because you need them for the daily hot event everyday to get rare skills or rare equipment .




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E. Lampe 
F. Epic Chest 
G. Clay Jar




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Server : s13

Name : Bolos

Expected Item : Lamps, Epic Chest, Clay Jars,


Lamps: You need it for call of duty to summon red, and even super rare heroes. 

Epic Chest: You need them for the daily hot event to get best skills in game.

Clay Jars: Its possible to get lamps, red chests, red keys, or some weaker items

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server : S9

Name : Lilly naval

Expected items : Lamps, clay jar, Advanced Elixir (A & S )

Reason : need more lamps for recruting heroes, clay jars for farious items, n advanced elixirs(A&S) for making them +7 or more




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Expected items- Lamp,Clay Jar

Reason-Lamps is needed to get better heroes to get better and stronger.Clay needs to get sockets money and other good items




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Server: S7

Name:  MainShadows

Expected Items: Advance Elixir & Epic Chest.

Need advance elixir badly especially those red ones, you really need to make them more affordable.

Mostly Epic Chest is just useful for Events, to get good items on opening them is just a dream.