I got muted for no reason?????


02:25 10/07/2016


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Why i get muted?? Personal intention?? no warnings then in your system i got reported by someone? by who??? can you tell me whose the reporter? or its just some trick to get me muted of one of the vets i know personally? you muted me because i know all the info's about you.. I know all gm's can saw all the chats even in pm tab... can someone check all the conversation that i'm involved then make some investigation... i get muted for no reason... i didnt do anything against the coa rules..- spixs




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The GMs can not see PMs unless they are copied and pasted by the players themselves.

The only people that could access the chat logs would be the devs and even then they will not do it unless it is extreme circumstances and by extreme, I mean used in a legal case and required in a court of law




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You got muted for two days because our GM shows the screenshot that you and player "xian" talking in the world chat and guild chat with the bad word.




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may i see that screen shot you are talking about? as long as i know. i never and didn't do or say bad words at any chat box. and i dont know that xian you are talking about... as far as i know odin, innoyfatty and me are just stopping a player named hustler doing and saying bad words in the world chat. ask gmrainbow what really happened he/she is there that time.. and ask the members inside of unity guild if i'm saying some bad words in our guild chat. you muted the wrong player. next time make some investigations before doing some actions. 




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well who are you, you have not put a server or character name.... and if its spixs, that means that you are using a second account....




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