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Hi Kitwritten,

I have another suggestion ,

Maybe the devs will think of creating and making new servers in AMZ games for IEGELORD,may be new players that will join ,can develop and rise and then a new merge can be done!

May be it is a stupid idea ,but I can advertise it in FB and all the other social nets that I am member!





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The answer for that is no. SL is too old now in game terms




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what you do not understand, is that they can take a thousand new games, we do not care that we are only interested in siegelord, that's what you should understand, greetings atte fireonice




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I am one of the oldest gaming veterans in AMZ, with experience that goes back to the 80s and covers many genre of gaming, game creation, development, running and playing, so thats about 35+ years of knowledge and experience so yes I do understand exactly where you are coming from.....

It does not mean that its viable, that there is the player interest in new SL servers or that we have the time to devote to new servers for SL.... and thats what we have to consider and players do not.......

We will keep SL open because YES players do drift in from time to time, but outside of that, SL is not the only game that needs tender loving care from the devs, and it is putting a lot of pressure on AMZ to deliver things that we can not deliver




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how are new guys meant to play or survive in this game, all ai and players i see are Lv110-165+
  • anonymous10373983 The chinese game developers embrace a certain level of unfairness to promote players to spend money on their characters. Western publishers actually seem to tone this down quite alot, but it's always there. So if you didn't start playing early on don't expect to be top contender or have a pain-free experience.

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The servers are all merged together.... so yes it does make it harder for new players but there is a lack of new player sign ups to support a new server......i

the irony is if we open new servers, players may leave older servers to go to the newer servers and have a better chance and then we are told that we do not care about the existing servers only the new players and their money.... but if we do not open new servers we get told we do not care about the new players and how we force them to compete against established players....

If we open new servers with a lack of player interest, we are told that we need to get more players, something that is not possible as it requires player interest in the servers..... and because the server does not have many players, it does not have a competitive feel to it and loses players fast, so we get told we are stupid idiots for opening up servers that die off fast.....

If you stay with the server, it is going to take quite a while to get up to level 110-165 so you have to consider if that is within your gaming interests and worth your effort and time... if it is and you stay and do that, I actually want to shake your hand when you get to level 110 because that is worthy of respect.....if not, well check out our other games.... ROG is in chinese but we are close to launching in english