Could you check a player of suspicius of exploit bug ?


11:29 06/15/2017


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Tthere is a very VERY strange player on serveur 19EU.
Name is AUDI.
Maybe, (or not ) there is a exploit bug or something other like this.

The 14 / 06 / 2017 he was :
340k br - 47 level.
The 15 / 06 / 2017 he was :
515k br - 51 level.

He is vip 6.
> But that impossible to take 6 level in one day !
47 to 51. What ever i calculate with diamonds help.

He play so strange, i estimate 30 000 diamonds to buy what he buy.
And we cant have that amount of diamonds in 2 weeks what ever i study.
The bigest way to diamonds is "level premium 8000 diamonds."

> He never do event since the begining of serveur, serveur talk.
> Only connect morning 5 min.
> Last week no play 4 days...

Have more armor thant me, more all, in one night !

Is it possible to check ?

Or informe the community how this is possible maybe...
Is its a player who spend 1000 eu, that ok, but if its not...





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edit : he was level 45 at 14 / 06.
Edited by Anonymous29200070 on 06/15/2017 18:48




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Its with the realms of possibility.

the easiest way to do it, is to not log in or play much, so your stamina use is way down, that means you collect more stamina each day and it will stack. I have had over 900 stamina on one account and there is also the stamina rebuy, the recent stamina item compensation  the more you save, the more you can use at once....

Spend during the events. that will give you the eidolan glass needed for the 2x 5 stars that they have

Level up the home, and the hot springs for increased stamina regen.... you do not have to be online all the time to level up the housestead

Using the daily quests, stadium etc for exp from level 45 to 51, is not that hard.... its actually only 4 levels if you look at it .. you can be almost level 46, and just get level 51, so you only actually need to get 46 to 50 in exp which is not as much as 6 full levels.

The eidolans they have, would give them a big boost in gauntlet so running that with the eidolans would give them a higher level and more rewards, also in stadium which also means more rewards and also in campaign and skrimish

and you can get a lot of exp from stadium

now by checking the rankings, they are not listed for purple items on their eidolans... so its logical that a lot of their BR is actually in mounts..... so if I check the BR which is just over 500k BR and their exp level which is just over level 51

They are up to tier 10 woodland sprite which is possible using the eidolans they have.




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ok thanks you




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