How to defeat Grout,Hunk,Red Fury Team?


10:31 10/02/2016


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anyone willing to share?



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anyone willing to share?

Have you tried using stunners in your team? Even Hunk? You need to stop Grout healing's and Hunk skill to trigger. It will depend on the heroes you have.

It's good to have a cube adjusted to your team. What heroes do you have?


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you cant stop it and grout healing whole team for 15k+ every sec

this game isnt balanced and favor defending teams




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Grout,Hunk,RF (random) and Mind Reader is quite strongly that .. in most cases, if you are equal in strength just is not enough time to beat this team..

but there are 2 ways to beat this team .. everything is cube stats .. for one way you need Spell Pen + Mcrit, and for the second Armor Prn + Pcrit

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TRY buzz,hulk,grout,blink,and mr octo or need blink to bring forward,