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11:44 09/22/2016


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The layout is slightly different now so when you want to create a new thread you first need to visit the correct section (Discussion Strategy FAQs Suggestions or Bug Report)

Once you're in the correct section click "Create Thread" which will bring you to the below image.

When creating a new thread there's a drop-down menu between "POST NEW THREAD" and the title textbox. Click that menu and select the appropriate game to post under.

Now when you click "CONFIRM" the thread will be displayed under the correct game.

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RIP old forums

Old CoA guides currently being reformatted to fit new forums



AngeL Bem

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hmmmmmm what the heck this forum changes 




Community Manager

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We changed to a new forum system. It works differently to the old forum because it is a different forum system base.




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A lot, if not all, of the replies to old posts are gone. Are they going to be recovered or are those posts lost?



The Hunter

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I like the new face of this interactive!




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Sir my reward 7 daily rivaly ALL rank 3 , server 52 Old name Apple and new name JALOY




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i cant do my guild quest 3 day already in clash of avatar game , pls  fix this bug