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AMZ forum and game rules


    The forum rules are a basic guideline for players to follow. The rules also apply to the game.

    1. Please have respect for players and game staff this is our game community. AMZ Games would like everybody to enjoy playing our games.


    2. Please do not use language that can be abusive obscene sexual offensive or objectionable. This applies to ANY languages that players may use and covers all of AMZ Games  

    Harassment of players or game staff false / misleading statements about players or game staff, and  threats against players or game staff are not acceptable

    Trolling Spamming and misuse of the forums to advertise other games or post misleading information is not acceptable.


    3. Players may not use  G.M as in their game or forum name as G.M is the title for Game Master and Vet. Game staff will have different coloured writing to players so they are easily identified as staff

Players may be given a rename card and the chance to change their names to a more suitable name or banned if the name is very offensive.


    4. E-mail addresses Facebook pages players real names and ticket / payment information are personal. Please do not post them in the forums. Sharing your personal information can compromise your privacy and may lead to other players accessing your game account.


    5. If you have a serious problem with any member of our community and you cannot mutually resolve the issue please contact us here. AMZ Customer Support


    6. AMZ Games is a multiple language multiple culture community. The AMZ Games Customer support is in English only. If you have trouble speaking English use the forums to ask the Forum staff to help you with making a ticket in English or resolving your issue in the forums.


    7. AMZ Games hosts versions of online games that may be on other sites. Please refrain from coping information from other sites as the information may not be correct for the game you play in AMZ Games and lead to confusion for other players.


    8. Discussions about account sharing buying /selling trading requests for accounts to share buy/sell and trade how to hack or cheat are not acceptable topics of discussion in AMZ game forums or games. Screenshots character names and servers are needed when reporting players


    9. Concerns over player conduct in the chat areas of AMZ games can be reported to game staff. Screenshots character names and servers are needed. Screenshots need to be a good size and clearly show the players name and what they have posted.


    10. Your account and your character are to be only accessed by you using your login details. Allowing other players to access your account using your login details is considered to be a form of account sharing and is strictly against the rules. AMZ Game staff do not require your login details and will not ask for them.


    11. The bugs forum is run on a detailed information system the more information provided the quicker the staff can check the issue so posts about bugs must include Screenshots ( where possible ) character names and servers. The screenshots are required by the developers.



    AMZ Games reserves the right to alter change amend and update the rules at any point in time. It is the players responsibility to be sure that they are aware of any changes that may affect the way they conduct themselves or interact with Game Staff and players in any AMZ game.

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