deleted Young Galahad


04:01 06/09/2017


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as title says , I deleted Young Galahad  with lvl 1 onions in devour option in temple, I probably clicked on him buy mistake, but didnt recieve any warning mesage

Now I cant progress in geting Merlin, then siguard becouse of this, and as I can tell only way of geting him back is buy being extreeeemy lucky in key draw

Eidolons that are required for temple progress should not be deletable in the first place, and even if thay are, there should be an option to get them in market, or get them again in Temple it self, make them cost duble souls than what you got buy deleting them

I can see many new players quit over issue like this since it basicly hinders your progress in game




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This is a common issue and for some reason its always a mistake and accident... the funny thing is that its something that is only reported when players realise they need them.....

As we have been saying and posting, its something we will be addressing in future updates but it is not as simple to change the system as players want to think