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Angel of Time give u the first quest to see Martin > Auto path brings you to loc 89.91& 84.91 + 85.86.

0 NPC in the village, 0 mobs around. i got connection high speed. this game

Quest New Comer 1 & 2 not working.

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Shaikan is not a open active game, its a ghost game




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Ok so whats going on? why they have so many server opened if you cant play the game? as hh said, you only get the 1st quest and the NPC martin isnt there to follow up with your next quest or even do anything else?




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Most of the servers were opened, as part of the original plan for that game as it was AMZs flagship game.

Some players have been lucky to sign up and not get the npc martin bug, and they have been able to see the full world which was so big, it take 5+ minutes in real time to travel from one side of the world to the other......

Shaikan will not be fixed or revived as we do not have developer rights for the game and also the cost and time required to fix that game, makes it simply not viable. It took 2 years just to develop the game and cost one million+

For the last 3 years we have been searching for a similar open world free form game to replace shaikan... and the good news is we have one that has been in development for 5 months and due to open, most likely in january or early feb. The new game features a system that I have longed to see in gaming which is the ability to change skills and character class simply by changing the weapon the player uses.... and I have tested that myself in a dungeon by changing from warrior to archer to mage to assassin/rogue ( dual welding ) classes.....

Personally I want to see shaikan revived... it is a game that has to be played to be believed... but sadly, that is not going to happen.