Apocalypse: The End of All


02:30 08/31/2015


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Chaos, that's what the world has come to, our creator had given up on all of his creations... All of them, the angles, the demons, the humans, and the unknown ones, all forced to survive the last of our days without his guidance for he had grown tired of us, and so he lifted the barriers to all realms. The consequence of this was unavoidable. War erupted between the species, fighting to survive...
The humans were long gone, wiped out by the stronger beings, and even now, other races were in danger of becoming extinct. Heaven and hell had become unstable, forcing the inhabitants to flee to earth... or what was left of it. The human world had crumbled into mostly ruins, and what was left was either a haven for hiding or an all out war zone. Surviving....That's what we must do now, but how long will the rest of us last........

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