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I already know there is a beginner Guide thread . But it seems very general and not detailed enough. You guys may look at the first guide here

I am just providing more detailed info {ex: such as specific lvl for any new features...}

If there is something I have missed, please pm me so I can add to the guide. I will not be providing personal stats but in a sense,a more informative view.

The followin infos are not complete as there is more lvls and stuffs that may change/add.Please come back every once a while to check. Infos will be editted/added as soon as any new ones are confirmed and recieved.
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As you start playin the game, there is one main quest and side quest. Main quest are usually the one you are gonna focus at.

Continue clickin on the main quests will get you two heroes, plus the one you start with{one from free diamond, one from free gold}.

note:Heroes' skills cant be upgraded unless the heroes gain lvls. Skills' lvl cant be more than the heroes' level.

Then main quests continue with dungeons...at one point, it will ask you to "upgrade a hero to green division"

To complete this quest, you must find all gears for one hero.
you can find most of the gears in the dungeons.

In dungeon, you can click "AFK". If you are vip 1, you can fast autoplay x3 so you finish faster.
you need "arena" feature to use AFk.

Continuing the main quest, after you complete lost woods lvl 8 quest, "7 days" feature will pop up where each day you get some money and food.

To lvl up faster, you should use "blitz" after you complete a stage {ex:lost woods 1...} with 3 stars. Blitz is only available completion a stage with three stars. Blitz rewards for exp and gold is the same for the same dungeon stages.

Also each certain lvl , there will be an lvl reward packages.....in there will be hero exp boost. Please dont use hero exp boost for durin your early stages of lost woods

Side note:Recharin some money will a good idea for a little bonus reward toward lvlin and money~ each day.

After you completed all lost woods stages with three stars, a new hero "Electro shock" will be available to you.You will then have four heroes in team. To deploy/activate him, you need to go to any dungeon and click/check him into
your team. you will not be able to upgrade any of his skills after you just got him, as he havent lvl up yet.

As you are lvlin up, check the "Quests" icon next to the Heroes at the bottom of the game screen, there maybe new quests to be complete.

As you keep continuing the main quest, after you finish Lost woods main quests, it will proceed to chap 2 where you talk to jennie gray where you get your "AFK" mode feature.

AFk is for offline rewards, there is three lvls of rewards, depending on which one you occupied ... you may loot another players spot.

Once you reach lvl 20, "Chao space" feature will be available.

Recommend you to lvl up to 25+ before doing the chaos for better rewards. Dependin on your VIP lvl, you may reset attempts.

this is Chao space shop used for gettin energy crystal to advance/summon heroes:

At lvl 22, the main game shop will be available to you. The shop will be located left of 084. It refresh the items at 9:00/18:00 server time.The items are sell in diamonds and golds. All items are randomize.It maybe different for every player.

At lvl 25, "Guild" feature is open. To create your own guild, you need 100 diamonds.

At lvl 26, "Endless Trail" feature is unlock.

At lvl 32, "Ranking" feature is unlock.

At lvl 34, "Star Relics" is unlock.

At lvl 36, "PVP" is unlock.

At lvl 38, "Energy Treasure" is unlock. An game of Maze.
Treasure shop there is for syn,ore, dust and general materials. Resets at 24:00.

"Arena" feature is unlocked after completing Deep Mine 2 main quest.

"Enchance" is unlock after completing Deep Mine 8 main quest.
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