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Hello, guys. I'm very glad that you could find this mysterious post, and I will explore you how to be a good commander in this game.
If it's your first play on this game and didn't read any Guides, I will congratulate you, coz so did I. Well, I still hope my experiences will give you a hand.

Lv1-Lv10: At the first, you have three heroes, but that's enough for the chapter 1 to get all 3 stars. Some points should pay attention below:
Note1: Do not waste the EXP potion at the early stage. Just keep your hero level equal to your team level and same with the heroes' skills level.
Note2: Do not waste any Gold on 084 Draw, and the Enhance materials in the shop. Coz you wouldn't use it at this stage. However, that buy the other basic gears is a good choice.

Note3: Do not waste any Diamonds in any places. Although there are several ways to get diamonds, but if you are not abstemious, you will be abused in the latter chapters.
(If you recharged, you can auto-ignore this one, xD)
Note4: Equipment is more important than the processes of the main quest, so when you cleared a map, check your heroes whether or not they can wear new items.

Lv11-Lv20: Congratulations, guys, I think you have got the 3 Stars rewards at the first stage. Yes it is a new hero. So before you march to the next map, use the saved EXP potions to
upgrade the new hero and don't forget the gears. Make sure you have at least three Green division heroes, than you can challenge the next map. Also I will give you some notes below to help you easily defeat chapter 2.
Note1: Do not waste your skills energy at the first two combats in the dungeons, because the enemy heroes are prepared for you!
Note2: Do not miss the quest on your action bar, it can provide you large of EXP, gold and diamonds.

Note3: Do not miss the Arena, it is good way to get the diamonds rewards at the early stage.
Note4: Do not wrong about the Chaos Space before level 20.
Note5: Immediately use the skill in each last combat! Time is money, no, is life, my friends.

Note6: Hero The Rock is better than Sabertooth at the early stage, coz it has 4 control skills. When you finish the main quest of Chapter 2, you will release the Tavern,
and have one choice to summon your 5th hero. Tank hero is very important for your team structure.

Lv20+: Now we have 5 heroes and a complete team, but if you think that's enough for all 3stars of the chapter 3, you must be disappointed. Before you start your journey,
please make sure your all heroes get Green+1 division, and level and skills reached 20.

PS: Level 25 unlock the Guild
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