Rainbow Gems


08:21 09/06/2016


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The Rainbow gems should consist from/of 6 different colours' gems not 4, cuz in rainbow there are 6 basic colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet/purple), so could you please change the rainbow gems' system, please!!??!!




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Omg, you want everyone to have to have 6 gems of the same level to make a rainbow gem. Are you insane? There are two main reasons why this is epically a terrible idea. For a high level rainbow gem like a level 10, this would take possibly years to get enough gems to ever create one. The other reason is if we have everyone using the same gems to create a rainbow then everyone stats would basically be the same. That would take out all of the strategy of this game and just turn us all into bots. What would be the point of playing then?




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its is possible to make 1 rainbow/month easily,also stats r pretty random,although  some control may be p;ossible..but just a little..so a good idea i think