Cross-Server Market?


06:17 08/24/2016


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Hello Clashers,

So I was speaking to a GM and we figured out an idea which we feel should be implemented into the game, our idea is a way to improve the game for everybody, and make their lives a little bit easier, and allow for them to get stronger without the need of spending lots of $$ on the game.

We came up with the idea of introducing a market in which people would sell their own items for a price which they ask, there would also be items by the game placed on there, such as 5 star avatar cards, since the only current way to get 5 star avatars is through expensive recharges and consumes.

This market should be across all servers because it will mean that people in newer servers can buy items from people from older servers, allowing for them to get that little bit stronger.

How would you pay for these items?

At first we thought that people would use their gold, but then we thought about Zodiac costs, Guild contribution and other things that require gold.

We decided that the best way would be to use market coins, which can be collected by completing daily quests, guild quests, taking part in guild events and world events, cross server events such as rare and shadowland PK, just anything that people can participate in will reward them with a few market coins.

We feel that it would be better to have the ratio low rather than high (so not having thousands of market coins to buy something small) for example 50 market coins could buy you 25 enchant jewels, depending on the price the person selling it lists it for. After the item has ben bought, the enchant jewels will go to the person who paid the market coins, and the market coins will go to the person who sold the avatar jewels.

Now for the 5 star avatar cards - This will probably be debated by the developers, but I think you should sell them as a single purchase to get the avatar, but make it cost more, otherwise people are going to waste money buying the cards one at a time and it will take 200 times to buy it which would be annoying and irritating. That's why I think you should spend the market coins and buy the avatar completely, rather than slowly. I will leave it to you to figure out all the prices that they will be sold by the market for though.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, and please provide some opinions too

Many Thanks,

S45. Dark_Stallion




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