Hire Hero from League to help in fights


21:18 06/03/2016

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Need a extra help to beat Fairyland?
Can't pass a World Dungeon or Team Dungeon level and in your League you have powerful friends?

You can Hire a fellow league's hero as long anyone have ASSIGNed hero(es) in the league.

So if you are in Fairyland or Dungeon you can click on the tab HIRE heroes in your Heroes Selection Window. This tab will only appear if you've joined a league and if anyone (except yourself) have ASSIGNed a hero in the League Assign option.

Important Notes:

  • You need to be in a League
  • Another player must have at least one hero in the ASSIGN option of the league
  • To hire a hero you will need to pay the fee in Gold that is showed in the selection screen
  • At Fairyland after hiring a hero you can't change it or hire any other he will be available to use until it dies in a battle or you complete or reset Fairyland
  • In World Dungeon or Team Dungeon the hero will be available exclusively for that fight and you won't be able to hire the same hero (already used) until the server reset (00:00).
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